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Home » Recipes » Brut du Beaucoup d'Houblon (aka Brut du Board)
Brut du Beaucoup d'Houblon (aka Brut du Board)
Technique Featured in Zymurgy - May/June 2006
Technical Details of Methode Champenoise
Style:    Belgian Style Specialty Ale, Other (Belgian Brut)
Brewed by:    Drew Beechum and the Board of the Maltose Falcons (and Jim Moorman)
Brewed at:    The Shop
Batch Size:    25.0 Gallons
Boil Time:    60 Minutes
Est. OG    1.089
Actual OG    1.092
Est. IBU    42.5 IBUs
Est. Color    4.6 SRM
Recipe Index | Promash File
Grains, Extracts, Sugars
Malt Name Maltser Amount Percentage
Pilsner Dingemans 62.0 lbs 82.1%
Flaked Wheat 3.0 lbs 4.0%
Wheat Malt Weyermann 2.0 lbs 2.6%
Munich Malt Weyermann 1.0 lbs 1.3%
Cane Sugar C&H 5.0 lbs 6.7%
Corn Sugar 2.5 lbs 2.7%
Name Form Alpha Amount Time
Magnum Pellet 14.0% 2.5 oz 60
Styrian Goldings Pellet 5.25% 5.0 30
Styrian Goldings Pellet 5.25% 4.0 15
Styrian Goldings Pellet 5.25% 2.0 0
Czech Saaz Pellet 3.9% 2.0 0
Man. Code Name Type Amount (Starter)
Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison Ale Ale
White Labs WLP565 Belgian Saison Ale Ale
Mash Schedule
Step Rest Temp Rest Time Heat Water
Mash in 150 F 90 minutes Infusion 20G.
Mash out 165 F 20 minutes HERMS
3 Whirlfloc Tablets (15 minutes)
3 TBSP Super Superfood (15 minutes)

For our fourth Brut project, the gang decided to have a sendoff to the board. Since everyone here likes hoppy beers and Belgian-style beers, why not do them both in a single go? Inspired by the classic example of Brasserie Dupont's Avec Les Bon Voeux and the recently released Houblon Chouffe, this brew is by far the palest and the hoppiest of the Bruts.

The yeast was provided by George Mahoney in a mixed slurry of 2.5 gallons with both Wyeast and White Labs Saison cultures.

At the moment there are no thoughts about spice additions, except maybe some dry hopping to provide even more hop potency.

And the obligatory beer porn shot of the Brut in the hydrometer sample jar. Beauty, eh?


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