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Home » Recipes » 2005 July - Shop Brew - Double Devil Wine / Half Satan Pale
2005 July - Shop Brew - Double Devil Wine / Half Satan Pale
Photos of the Brew Session
Co-Brewmaster Jonny L's recollections
Style:    Barleywine / Strong Beer
Brewed by:    Jonny Lieberman, Drew Beechum, Kent Fletcher, Gregg Van Citters, Geoff Larsen, Sergei, David, Andy, Michael
Brewed at:    The Shop
Batch Size:    21/9 Gallons (Barleywine/Strong)
Boil Time:    120/60 minutes (Barleywine/Strong)
Est. OG:    1.160/1.070
Actual OG:    1.115/1.070
Est. IBU:    72/31 IBUs
Recipe Index | Promash File
Grains, Extracts, Sugars (Both - 1st Mash)
Malt Name Maltser Amount Percentage
Pale Ale 2-Row Dingemans 55.00 lbs
Grains, Extracts, Sugars (Both - 2nd Mash)
Malt Name Maltser Amount Percentage
Pale Ale 2-Row Great Wester 50.00 lbs
Flaked Oats 4.00 lbs
Grains, Extracts, Sugars (Barleywine ONLY)
Malt Name Maltser Amount Percentage
Tubinado Sugar 8.00 lb -
Grains, Extracts, Sugars (Strong Ale ONLY)
Malt Name Maltser Amount Percentage
Turbinado Sugar 2.00 lb -
Dried Malt Extract 3.00 lb -
Hops (Barleywine)
Name Form Alpha Oz Time
Columbus Pellet 15.5% 1.25 FWH
Centennial Pellet 7.5% 1.75 FWH
Warrior Pellet 17.4% 2.0 90
Chinook Pellet 15.9% 0.75 60
Chinook Pellet 15.9% 0.75 45
Centennial Pellet 7.5% 1.0 30
Columbus Pellet 15.5% 1.0 15
Centennial Pellet 7.5% 1.0 1
Columbus Pellet 15.5% 1.0 1
Hops (Strong Ale)
Name Form Alpha Oz Time
Amarillo Pellet 10% 0.50 FWH
Amarillo Pellet 10% 0.50 60
Palisade Pellet 9.4% 0.75 30
Amarillo Pellet 10% 0.50 1
Yeast (Both)
Man. Code Name Type
White Labs WLP001 West Coast Ale Liquid Ale
Wyeast 1056 Chico Ale Liquid Ale
Mash Schedule
Step Rest Temp Rest Time Heat Water
1st Mash Sac Rest 149 F 60 minutes Infusion 15 gallons
2nd Mash Sac Rest 155 F 50 minutes Infusion 15 gallons of 1st mash liquor
Mash Out 168 F 10 minutes HERMs
1 tsp Dried Lemon Peel (added to the Strong "Small")

For some reason, you'd think we're morons here in the Falcons. Every year the weather turns hot as hell in July and yet there we are, brewing up a big batch of beer. This year was no exception and we added extra wrinkles, a double mash, a small beer and bottling the Brut du Faucon Noir.

Ambitious? Of course, but fortunately we had a good crew to keep us going on even a day that saw temps reaching 130 near the brew deck.

The basic idea of a Doble Mash is to infuse a single set of grain with water, let it mash as normal and then drain the liquor into another mash tun, sparge to collect your necessary strike amount, heat to strike and infuse a second set of grain.

After draining the mash into the boil kettle, we proceeded to reinfuse the second mash with more water and collected for the "small" beer.

We're still trying to aedquately explain our low efficency for this batch, but we suspect that we just plain ran off too fast during the first and second mashes. In trying to save ourselves time, we left behind sugars in the mash. Oh well. It's still plenty of juice to the brew.


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