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Home » Recipes » 2004 July - Anniversary Brew - Imperial Pilsner / Bohemian Pilsner
2004 July - Anniversary Brew - Imperial Pilsner / Bohemian Pilsner
Style:    Imperial Pilsner / Bohemian Pilsner
Brewed by:    John Aitchison / John Rasmussen and a cast of 10 other Falcons
Brewed at:    Tavern Services
Est. Batch Size:    17.0 Gallons (Imperial Pils) / 25 Gallons (Bohemian Pils)
Actual Batch Size:    20.0 Gallons (Imperial Pils) / 30 Gallons (Bohemian Pils)
Boil Time:    60 Minutes
Actual OG of Beers:    1.080 (Imperial Pils) / 1.056 (Bohemian Pils)
Est. IBU:    60 IBUs (Imperial Pils) / 36 IBUs (Bohemian Pils)
Recipe Index
Grains, Extracts, Sugars
Malt Name Maltser Amount Percentage
Moravian Pilsner Malt 110.0 lbs 100.0%
Hops (Imperial Pilsner)
Name Form Alpha Amount Time
Sterling Pellet 6.5% 8.0 oz 60
Sterling Pellet 6.5% 2.0 oz 15
Sterling Pellet 6.5% 2.0 oz 5
Sterling Pellet 6.5% 8.0 oz Dry Hop
Hops (Bohemian Pilsner)
Name Form Alpha Amount Time
Saaz Whole 3.0% 16.0 oz 60
Saaz Whole 3.0% 2.0 oz 5
Man. Code Name Type Amount (Starter)
Wyeast 2278 Czech Pils Lager
Mash Schedule
Step Rest Temp Rest Time Heat Water
Acid Rest 95 10 Infusion  
Protein Rest 125 10 HERMS / Decoction  
Beta Rest 148 10 HERMS / Decoction  
Alpha Rest 153 10 HERMS / Decoction  
Mash Out 165 10 HERMS / Decoction  

Never one to rest on their many laurels for their award winning Bohemian Pilsner stylings, the John's got together and led this massive brew to show the Falcons their tips and techniques for making winning Pils beers. To cover the needs of the 30th Anniversary party rapidly approaching, this beer was brewed parti-gyle for an Imperial Pils and a Bohemian Pils.

To add even more fun instead of producing just two beers, John A made the day a quadruple brew by splitting the mashes into an "Infusion" based mash and a "Decoction" mash! For many folks, this was the first actual decoction that they witnessed/participated in. The infusion setup occured over on John A's gleaming B3 "Brewing Sculpture", while the decoction happened on his simpler, older setup of pots.

At the end of the day we ended up with nearly 50 gallons of beer, Imperial and Bohemian and with production evenly split between Decoction and Infusion. The final tasting notes from John A noted very little taste difference between the Imperial Pilsner batches, but the decocted Bohemian Pils carried more deep rich melanoidins.


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