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Home » Recipes » 2003 LACF - First Runnerup - Matt Udall's Apple/Cranberry Sparkling Melomel
2003 LACF - First Runnerup - Matt Udall's Apple/Cranberry Sparkling Melomel
Style :    22.2 - Melomel
Brewed by:    Matt Udall
Batch Size:    5.0 Gallons
Actual OG:    1.162 (OG Before Fermentation and Additions)
Actual FG:    1.064
Est. Color:    Pale Pink Yellow
Recipe Index
Honey, Sugars, Fruits, Spices
Sugar Source Amount Percentage
Orange Blossom Honey 15.0 lbs.
Cranberry Juice Von's Frozen 72 oz. liquid
Apple Juice Von's Frozen 32 oz. liquid
Water Topup to 5 gallons
First Juice Addition (11/11/2001)
Cranberry Juice Trader Joe's 32 oz. liquid
Second Juice Addition (08/25/2002)
Organic Cranberry Juice Whole Foods (Frozen) 1 can
Man. Code Name Type Amount (Starter)
Wyeast 3184 Sweet Mead - 2 packages
Heating Schedule
Step Rest Temp Rest Time Heat Water
Pastuerization 160 F 15 minutes Direct 1.0G (Preboiled water)
2 tsp. Acid Blend
2.5 tsp Pectin Enzyme
5 tablets Campden
This Matt's version of the Heather's Mead of Honor. Below is Matt's notes on the brew.
Heather's Mead of Honor - Sparkling Cranberry Apple Mead: I was given this recipe by Jolene & Heather (who were kind enough to share it with me) and it's the recipe for Heather's Mead of Honor.
Their recipe calls for the following: #15 Orange Blossom Honey, 6-12 ounce cans of frozen 100% cranberry juice (no sugar), 32 ounces of frozen 100% apple juice (no sugar), 2 tsp of acid blend, 5 campden tablets, 2.5 tsp pectin enzymes, and 2 pkg #3184 sweet mead yeast.
Their process calls for the following: 1 gallon of boiled water brought to 160 degrees with honey. Rest for 15 minutes off heat. Pour enough cold water to complete 5 gallons in the carboy with the mead. Add juice and add adjuncts, pitch yeast when at 70 - 80 degrees. Leave set for two months in cool, dry place. Every two months, rack it off leaving sediments. After four months, they added an additional 32 ounces of pure cranberry juice from Trader Joe's to enhance the cranberry flavor. They racked it off another 2 times in 4 months than pressure filled some bottles.
I made this batch on 04/14/01 and followed their recipe pretty closely, however I used a different brand of frozen cranberry and apple juice (I used Von's inexpensive brand... and next time I think I would spring for the better quality that does not contain any added sugar).
On 04/14/01, the OG was 1.162. On 06/30/01 I racked it and it was 1.090. On 11/11/01, I racked it again and added 32 ounces of Trader Joe's Just Cranberry Juice. On 08/25/02, I racked it again and it was at 1.084. On 04/04/03 I mixed in 1 can of Whole Foods frozen Organic Cranberry Juice and put it in a keg. Its final gravity was 1.064. I used my handy Fletcher's Filler to bottle some for competitions, but most of it is still sitting in the keg under pressure.
This is definitely a sweet mead, and it has more of a pale pinkish yellow color instead of the light vibrant pink color that I seem to recall Jolene's batch having. Some of the judges who have commented on this mead suggest that both the cranberry and apple flavors could stand to come up a bit.
This mead received an average score of 31.6, which gave it a Silver Certificate at the 2003 AHA First Round. It took 2nd place for its category at the 2003 California State Fair, and 1st place for its category at this year's Mayfaire

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