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Falcons' Recipe Archive

The recipes collected below come from a myriad Falcon sources. They include beers done by the club for special occassions, our monthly shop brews, winners of our competitions, even winners of our chili cookoff. (For even more food fun, check out our Food Section. It's a cookbook for people who like tasty things)

If you'd like to explore the many styles the club has brewed, check our listing by style or find medal winning recipes and other special projects in our special category listings.

For many of our newer recipes we provide files for the popular ProMash Brewing Software.

Recipes by Date (Recipes by Style | Recipe by Category)
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 Sticky Purple SteamweiserComing Soon!
 FXPAComing Soon!
 Aitch's Baltic PorterComing Soon!
 Mayfaire Best of Show:
Jamil Z's Traditional Bock
Coming Soon!
 Mayfaire 1st Runnerup:
Jamil Z's Scottish Export
Coming Soon!
 Mayfaire 2nd Runnerup:
Mike McDole's IPA
Coming Soon!
 Falcons' Golden Bird Belgian AleComing Soon!
 Forever Brewing's Very Big StoutPhew, we finally broke our Imperial IPA trend, but just to keep it smooth, the club voted for this Imperial Stout by the Forever Brewing Co boys (Bruce Brode, Les Jones and Brian Vessa). A big hit at their annual Equijest this big rich malty stout took the honors at the meeting. (Promash) (Imperial Stout) (Meeting Winner)
 Hop Me Mr. Wizard Imperial IPAJeezy Peezy, I know it seems silly, but check it out. 2 months, 3 Double IPAs! Nancy enlisted the assistance of BJ's brewer, David "Griff" Griffths both in formulation and in procurement. Thanks to Griff Nance could throw a mess of Summit hops at the beast. Check out the absurd 49 ounces of knockout hops! (Promash) (IPA/DIPA)
 Kaufman's Imperial IPAFor the second month in a row, the hops take the cake at the Falcons monthly meeting! Congratulations to John Kaufman for his winning brew! (Promash) (IPA/DIPA) (Meeting Winner)
 Burnside's DougweiserRick Burnside returns to give folks a lesson in the Falcons' classic, Dougweiser. Appropriate since the club tours the A-B plant in February. Straight forward and with no way to hide, the Dougweiser always proves popular at our parties and the Southern California Homebrewers Festival. (Promash) (American Lager)
 Stephen's Tangerine IPAOur other club winner of the month is relatively new member, Stephen Linsley and his all Summit hop IPA. Summit is a new "dwarf" high alpha acid (17%AA) variety hop that is reputed to have strong citrus notes particularly Tangerine. (Promash) (IPA) (Meeting Winner)
 Diane's Burbank Brown MildThis month the club hosts the bi-monthly AHA Club Only Competition, Session Beers. The club tasted over 12 different session beers and choose Diane Van Wagner's Mild to represent the Falcons! (Promash) (Mild) (Meeting Winner)
 Big Damn Throwback/Modern MildDrew tackles the first brew of the year and in honor of next month's AHA Club Only for Session Beers, the crew gets down to brewing the largest Mk II batch ever with 5 gallons of Throwback Mild and 50 gallons of Modern Mild. (Promash) (Mild)
 Falcons' 2006 NoelEasy month on the webmeister as the club winner this month was from Fletch's portion of his October Shop Brew! Ironically this was the dregs with all the trub, but it was redolent of caramel and spice and turned out great! (Promash) (Saison/Farmhouse) (Meeting Winner)
 DKM Best of Show:
   Black Sea Baltic Porter
Todd Peterson, who was just edged out in the BoS round in 2005 grabbed the prize with his Baltic Porter. Shockingly young (brewed 12/6/2006, judged 1/20/2007), this beer captured the judges palates with its balanced roast and complex malt character and smooth finish from lagering. (Promash) (Porter) (Strong Lager) (Doug King)
 DKM First Runnerup:
   Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine Tres
Jonny Lieberman and Drew break a long dry spell of competition winning with the craziness that is the Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine. (Promash) (Barleywine) (Doug King)
 DKM Second Runnerup:
   Longs Peak Pils
Coming in close to the wire for the 2007 Doug King Memorial was Thorton, CO's Rick Bobbitt and his Longs Peak Pils, a Northern German inspired brew. Rick's Pils was described by the judges as a pale gold and beautifully clear pilsner. The beer is crisp and lightly grainy with a bright, clean and lingering bitterness. (Promash) (European Lager) (Doug King)

 Blackwine LiteOnly Jonny Lieberman would consider a 1.090+ Imperial Stout a "lite" beer. This is the next in his series of "Black Wines" which have ranged as high as 17% abv! This coffee infused stout may not hit those heights, but it's a monster still! (Promash) (Experimental) (Imperial Stout)
 Bad Tom's Imperial Bourbon Oaked PorterWe'd have a recipe here for Bad Tom's Imperial Bourbon Porter aged on Jack Daniel's Oak Chips that won the December club meeting if he'd ever send it! (March 2007 - Whadda ya know, he finally sent it!) (Promash) (Porter) (Meeting Winner)
 BJ's Aitchie's HeavyZambo and the boys at BJ's were kind enough to let us take the Woodland Hills system for another spin around the ole homebrew block. Absorbing and tweaking John Aitchison's winning homebrew recipe, we've produced 7 Barrels (~210 gallons) of Wee Heavy to be released in Winter 2006. (Promash) (Scottish)
 Brutal Bitter FalconedFalcon John Aitchison attempts a slightly modified version of Falcon John Maier's (of Rogue Brewing) Brutal Bitter recipe. Thanks to the Johns for this Crystal infused "bitter". (Promash) (APA)
 Malibu Brews Vanilla PorterCraig showed up at our monthly meeting with a hell of a Vanilla Porter inspired by Gregg Van Citters' article on Chocolate beers. Here you have a fat luxe porter with a roundness and perfume of vanilla. (Promash) (Porter) (Spiced Beers) (Meeting Winner)
 Falcons' 2006 NoelFletch went back to the kettles for a big Belgian Holiday ale based on Fantome Noel. (Promash) (Saison/Farmhouse)
 Oktoberfest Winner - Jubilee Holiday AleJeremy and Steve Raub pulled out the apparently big and well aged guns of the Jubilee Spiced Holiday Ale and trounced all other participants in the Oktoberfest Comp (Promash) (Spiced Ales) (Oktoberfest Winner) (Best of Fest)
 Far West Texas Fest Beer - Cascadia DIPAGeorge puts the Far West Texas brewery on the road for another Festival Brew. This time with an IPA that walks the line between IPA and Double IPA. (Promash) (DIPA/IPA) (Festival Brews)
 Roggen Ruse RoggenbierJeremy and Steve Raub concoted this Roggenbier recipe after being surprised by a question about it on the BJCP exam. From their Style Series Article. (Promash) (Rye Beers)
 Brut du Beaucoup d'Houblon (aka Brut du Board)One last hurrah for the 2005-2006 Board as we brew up a beacoup hoppy Champagne beer for our enjoyment down the road. This one is bound to be the hoppiest, strongest and palest of all the Bruts. (Promash) (Belgian Ales) (Brut / Champagne Beers)
 Wee Heavy Taste-off Winner
  Aitchie's Heavy
John's day at the races began with the win at a double blind taste-off of 16 different Wee Heavy beers! Securing over 50% of the vote, John moves to the winner's circle with this rich, malty and clean beer with just a hint of sherry and raisins. (Promash) (Scottish) (Taste-off Winner)
 Brouwerij Van Citters Scotch Wee HeavyMr. Gregg did a masterful job with this Wee Heavy of his from an April brew session. Coming in just behind John's Aitchie Heavy, this is still a fantastic example of the Wee Heavy style, redolent of plums and prunes with just a hint of roastiness and smoke to add extra dimension. (Promash) (Scottish)
 Rue de Aubel WitbierWhat is it with John Aitchison being on fire this month? After scooping the taste-off he then proceeds to take the monthly prize. John just squeaked out a victory from a three way tie! (Promash) (Wit Beer) (Meeting Winner)
 Steve French Belgian Golden Strong AleJust for the fun of it, Jonny presents his simple, yet complex Golden Strong Ale. It goes to prove that a beer doesn't need a laundry list of ingredients to achieve great taste. (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 Sweet Wheat White ChocolateOkay, so we totally forgot to have folks vote on the beers at the festival! So after much thought and scanning the memory banks, everyone was talking about Kevin's unexpected chocolate flavored wheat beer, so here it is.(Promash) (Best of Fest) (Experimental) (Wheat)
 Nouveau Porter (California Black Ale)Getting ready for his impending nuptials in September, Cullen borrowed the club's brew system and whipped up 20 gallons of one of his new world porters. Another benefit of being a Falcons' member, creating your own large batch of beer. (Promash) (Porter)
 Imperial August Red AleKent stepped up at the last minute to fill the kettles with a malty and West Coast hoppy beer inspired by Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale. (Promash) (Red Ales) (Strong Beer)
 LACF: Best Of Show:
 Bob Kaisaki's Extra Strong Ale #3
Bob Kaisaki literally asked "Was this a good beer?". Well, Bob, I think the judges thought your Strong Bitter was just dandy. (Promash) (Bitter) (LACF)
 LACF: First Runnerup:
 Patrick Rue's Irish Coffee Stout
Patrick Rue came within a hair's breadth of taking the cake at the LA County Fair with his Irish Coffee Stout. The name comes from the coffee malt addition to the brew, rather than any additions of coffee beans/grounds. (Promash) (Stout) (LACF)
 LACF: Second Runnerup:
 Carl Townsend's American Brown Ale
Carl's on a continuous roll with 4 consecutive years placing in the Best of Show round at the LACF. This time he does it with an American Brown Ale that gives the "Keep It Simple" rule the bird. (Promash) (Brown) (LACF)
 Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine TresFifth year doing the Alternative Barleywine series and Jonny and Drew choose an unbelievably scorching day to brew the third version of this beer that celebrates the life and death of Hunter S. Thompson. Check out this beer and it's fun dosing of Hemp Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Mushrooms, Tequila, Bourbon and more! UPDATE: The Gonzo took first place and first runnerup at the 2007 DKM, scoring 41.5 points! Judges described it as a wonderfully complex, hoppy and surprisingly well integrated Barleywine. (Promash) (Alternative Barleywine) (Barleywine) (Experimental)
 Sal's Orange Blossom AleThe Sal's (Junior and Senior) dropped a little Southern California magic on the club with their Orange Blossom Ale using carefully chosen fresh picked orange blossoms. This is a little different, since this beer was produced from a second runnings mash. (Experimental) (Meeting Winner)
 Simple Sage MeadCullen's Sage Mead has knocked people's socks off before at our parties, but this time he takes the mead Club Only Competition slot with this simple preparation of honey and that California herb, Sage. (Mead) (AHA Club Only)
 Tenacious Strong AleDiane Van Wagner has been coming to our monthly meetings for a while, but never brought beer until this meeting. What happens? Her beer gets voted the best of a very tough field of 19 beers! (Promash) (Barleywine/Strong Ale) (Meeting Winner)
 Elkwood Brown AleKent returns to the kettles with his multiple award winning Elkwood Brown Ale. The Mk II surprises everyone again with extra efficiency and the largest volume brewed to date, 40 gallons. (Promash) (Brown Ale)
 Kiltwetter Wee Heavy Cullen gets ready to compete with everyone at the September meeting tasteoff with this 3 hour long boil beer. (Promash) (Scottish)
 Mayfaire Best of Show:
   Mike McDole's Pliny the Elder NB Kicker
Joining the elite ranks of brewer's who've won multiple Birds, Mike McDole sweeps the competition with his Pliny the Elder inspired beer. (Promash) (Double IPA) (MayFaire)
 Mayfaire First Runnerup:
   Bob Tower's Hefeweizen
Bob Tower's simple and classic Hefeweizen came close to winning the bird. (Promash) (Wheat) (MayFaire)
 Mayfaire Second Runnerup:
   Bud Tourville's American Stout
Bud Tourville returns yet again with his winning ways and grabbing the second runner-up award with his American Stout (Promash) (Stout) (MayFaire)
 Mayfaire Fest:
   Brooklyn Imperial Stout
George Mahoney went to work at the Mayfaire Festival and brewed up a batch of a beer inspired by Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. (Promash) (Imperial Stout) (Festival Brews)
Aitchison's Scottish 70Gearing up for the September taste-off, John Aitchison brewed up a double batch of beer, a strong Wee Heavy and this lighter Scottish 70 from one mash. The initial gravity was so high, his hydrometer couldn't measure it! (Promash) (Scottish) (Meeting Winner)
 Sangreal WheatSo what do you make on Palm Sunday? How about a Blood Orange Wheat Beer! Prepared for a swing at Temecula and Mayfaire, Drew and the gang got together and brewed a simple American Wheat beer flavored with the juice of 50 lbs of Organic Blood Oranges (Moro variety) in the secondary. (Promash) (Fruit Beers) (Wheat)
 Mutant Double Down DIPA (Cask)Since Kent and Drew always like to have a good cask beer for our festivals (and MB loaned us a firkin), they also threw together a mutant batch of the Double Down. (Promash) (DIPA)
 Burnside's Barely WineBreaking Steve's stranglehold on the monthly tasting award, Rick Burnside brings his biggest beer ever! Rick based this beer on the Falconsclaws grain bills, but with his own American hop schedule to burn through the malt. (Promash) (Barleywine) (Meeting Winner)
 Becky's Bootylicious Cinammon PorterA last minute substitution, Jonny Lieberman stepped up to the improvised extract system and walked the brew crew through preparing an extract/mini-mash version of his cinnamon porter. (Promash) (Porter) (Extract)
 Craig's Boont AmberIn a strange twist of brewing developments, Craig Shapland fired up the Falcons's Mark II to brew a beer that is fairly normal. We can't explain it, but the system must have rebelled because it pulled out all the stops and shot 9 points over the regular brew strength! (Promash) (American Amber)
 Abby's Imperial UK IPAIt's not enough that Steve won last month's Club meeting and the AHA Club Only, now he's won again with an odd British spin on a Double IPA. (Promash) (Double IPA) (Meeting Winner)
Drogo Doppel MaibockIt's been a while since the Falcons dropped a lager in the slot, so Drew comes back to the kettles with a bigger version of his Maibock. (Promash) (Bock)
 Bobby Belgian GoldThe Bobby Belgian Gold returns to the club meeting and wins the month and the AHA entry slot. Check out the notes for the comparisons between the various products. (Steve Cook won the AHA's Club Only with his version!) (Promash) (Belgian Ales) (Meeting Winner)
 DKM Best of Show:
    Dennis King's Mexican Lager
Dennis only had the one entry in the 2006 DKM, his take on a Mexican adjunct lager, but one is all it takes. (Promash) (American Lager) (Doug King)
 DKM First Runnerup:
    PPB Doppelbock
Virg took a fair number of the medals in the 2006 DKM and this beer came within a hair of taking the whole prize. (Promash) (Bock) (Doug King)
 DKM Second Runnerup:
    Saison Potiron
Drew took the second runnerup prize for his variation of a traditional pumpkin beer. Pumpkin in the mash and spiciness coming from the Saison yeast. (Promash) (Saison) (Doug King)

 Poliner's Orange MelomelMark Poliner's Orange Melomel made with no regular water won the December club tasting. (Mead) (Meeting Winner)
 CD's Imperial Chocolate PorterTaking a lead from Gregg Van Citters article on Chocolate Porters and his own experiences of making award winning porters, Cullen whipped up this recipe on the shop system and even remembered to take notes! (Promash) (Experimental) (Porter)
 BJ's Brew - Hop Worship Double IPATom's winning recipe gave a group of Falcons an excuse to get together and brew up an industrial size batch of beer. Thanks to the brewers at BJ's for the opportunity to play with the big toys. (Promash) (Double IPA)
 Craig & George's Bobby Belgian GoldCraig Shapland and George Mahoney dealt with all the madness surrounding our time of taping for BBQ with Bobby Flay. The target for this brew is the upcoming AHA Club Only Competition. (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 Last Post at Ieper #2Kent leads a brew returning to an unconventional holiday ale combining the aspects of an English Old Ale and a Belgian Christmas beer. (Promash) (Barleywine/Strong Ales) (Belgian Ales)
 Gilgamash Sumerian BeerKeeping with a trend of trying experimenting, Drew and Cullen took a swing at reproducing a 5,000 year old brew based on the Hymn of Ninkasi and the help of Anchor Brewing. (Promash) (Experimental/Historical)
 Oktoberfest Winner:
After wowing the folks at the Tasting Room, Craig Shapland wowed the judges and scored a 45.5 for this deep rich Eisbock. (Promash) (Bock) (Oktoberfest) (Best of Fest)
Double IPA Tasteoff:
   Tom Wolf's Hop Worship Double IPA
A stellar tasteoff flight lead to the "Good" Tom's aggressively hoppy beer taking the prize and a brew day at BJ's (Promash) (IPA/DIPA) (Taste off)
 Haarlem Oat Bock BierGregg Van Citters offered us his take on an ancient style of Dutch beer, a sort of tripel that focuses on Oat Malt, Rye Malt and Wheat Malt. (Promash) (Experimental/Historical)
 Best of Fest:
   George Mahoney's Foggy Dew Irish Red Ale
George Mahoney planned the party and won the Best of Fest award for his take on the Irish Red Ale, a peerless session beer. We swear the contest wasn't rigged *cough* bribe *cough* (Promash) (Red Ales) (Best of Fest)
 LACF: First Runnerup
   Carl Townsend's Porter VIII
Carl Townsend returns with another winner in the LACF. This time with his beer inspired by Anchor Porter. (Promash) (Porter) (LACF)
Double Devil Wine / Half Satan PaleJonny Lieberman and Drew Beechum continue the July "Alternative" Barleywine series with the Double Devil Wine brewed by the old fashioned English mashing technique of Doble Doble.(Promash) (Alternative Barleywine) (Barleywine / Strong Ale) (Parti-gyle) (Strong Beers)
 Aitchison's SPF-8 SaisonJohn Aitchison took the club's entry in the upcoming AHA Club Only with his beer inspired by Tomme Arthur's (Pizza Port) SPF-8. (Promash) (Farmhouse)
 Artemis Callipygia WitbierCullen's top notch witbier grabbed the limelight at the July meeting with this winning witbier.(Promash) (Wit) (Meeting Winner)
Veep's HefeweizenSteve Cook leads a brew on the new deck with his 13 day wonder Hefeweizen.(Promash) (Wheat)
Bad Tom's Czech Pilsner"Bad" Tom Hamilton and his lovely wife Lois, brought forth this Czech Pilsner to the club meeting and it was received as this month's best homebrew. (European Lagers) (Meeting Winner)
 G&C's British Brown PorterWhile the gang drank in Temecula, George Mahoney and Craig Shapland presented this brew day of making a simple brown porter for drinking at the Mayfaire. (Promash) (Porter)
 Mayfaire Best of Show
   Mike McDole's Eisbock
Mike McDole has been on a tear in Northern California this year and he walks away this year with the Bird. The winning beer is his Eisbock, which was described by the Best of Show Judges as malty and complex and "Can I some more?" (Promash) (Bock) (Extract) (MayFaire)
 Mayfaire First Runnerup
   Pasquale Nardone's Flanders Red
Pasquale, a long time Pacific Gravity member came through with a complex tasting Flanders Red that's easy on the brewer. (Promash) (Sour Ales) (Extract) (MayFaire)
 Mayfaire Second Runnerup
   Czar Ivan's Imperial Stout
Mike Riddle, a perennial MayFaire winner, captures the second runnerup slot with his monster aged imperial stout. (Promash) (Imperial Stout) (MayFaire)
 Pliny the Toddler XPA (Extra Pale Ale)Jonny Lieberman and Drew teamed up to formulate this recipe with some advice from Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing. In a rare event the brewing takes place on the meeting day as Jonny Lieberman and Nick Salerno lead this brew deck session. In a not so rare development, we screwed up and produced Pliny the Unwanted instead. (Promash) (APA)
 Pliny the Unwanted XXXPA (Triple XPA)Due to a set of fundamental issues with weight, the brew team way overshot the intended gravity and produced the world's first Triple XPA. (Promash) (Strong Beer)
 Matt Man's XPA (Extra Pale Ale)Continuing the month's XPA trend, Matt Udall's XPA was voted the best homebrew tasted in the month winning a stein donated by John Daume. (Promash) (APA) (Meeting Winner)
 Brut du Faucon Noir A chocolate champagne sequel to the freshly released Brut du Faucon. (Featured in Zymurgy - May/June 2006) (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 Elkwood WheatKent Fletcher brings his award winning Elkwood Wheat beer to the first brew day on the brand new Falcons Pilot Brewery Mk II. To start to get a feel for the system, Kent laid in 25 gallons of brew from the new deck. (Designed and built by Kent) (Promash) (Wheat)
 Emperor Norton's Imperial Steam BeerWhile the rest of us whittled our livers to bare nubs in San Francisco, George Mahoney and Kent Fletcher led this strong Steam Beer Brew (Promash) (Strong Lagers)
 2005 Chili Cook Off Winner
   Nancy Lee's Chili
Di Utech took the win with this simple chili with complex ingredients and flavor. (Chili)
 2005 Chili Cook Off Second Runner-up
   Traditional Dry Red Chile Chili
Rich Schmittdiel took third place with his monster chile filled chili. Anytime you puree 30-40 dried chilis into a toxic brew, you know its good. (Chili)
 DKM Best of Show
   Cocoa Imperial Stout
Craig Wickham takes this prize in this year's Doug King Memorial Content with his Imperial Stout. (Promash) (Doug King) (Extract) (Imperial Stout)
 DKM Runner-up
   What's-in-an-Ale Wassail
Todd Peterson of Craftsman wins with his ultra spiced ale. (Promash) (Doug King) (Spiced Beers)
 Chef's Stout DelightMad Chef Sean takes his first crack at the Club's Brew Deck while making his 4 day turnaround dry American stout. (Promash) (Stout)

 Double Sticke AltBrewmaster George returns with a run at the Double Sticke Alt of his dreams and research. (Promash) (Alt)
 George's FrankenaleGeorge Mahoney leads the club on it's first truly "Extreme" Beer - This beer approaches 25% ABV! (Promash) (Extract) (Extreme Beers)
 CD's Triple Fullers BrewInspired by a Fuller's Tasting and a talk by their President, Cullen grabbed some notes and produced this classical British Parti-Gyle brew. From one mash, we made three great beers. (Bitter) (Parti-gyle)
 Promash - The Mash 
 Promash - The ESB Hop Schedule 
 Promash - The Special Bitter Hop Schedule 
 Promash - The Bitter Hop Schedule 
 Dougfoot / DougweiserTom Wolf and Rick Burnside, two masters of the Falcon classic brew, "Dougweiser", lead a double brew (Am. Lager) (Parti-gyle) (Strong Lager)
 LACF Best of Show:
   Greg Beron's Biere de Garde / Belgian Pale Ale
Greg Beron takes home the Best of Show in the 2004 LACF with this Parti-gyle batch of Biere de Garde and Pale Ale. (LACF) (Farmhouse) (Belgian) (Parti-gyle)
 LACF Second Runnerup:
   The Duvel in Miss Jones
Carl Townsend's Second Runnerup in the 2004 LACF (LACF) (Belgian) (Extract)
 Anniversary Brew : Bohomeian Pils / Imperial PilsJohn Aitchison and John Rasmussen led this final offical "30th Anniversary Beer". The John's are experts at the traditional decocted Bohemian Pils. (Promash) (Anniversary Beers) (Euro Lager) (Parti-gyle)(Strong Lager) (Alternative Barleywine)
 NHK Toasted Oat Smoked Porter BieruNHK TV (Japan) and the Falcons teamed up to film a typical group of Falcons having fun brewing up a batch of beer! (Promash) (Porter)
 Mayfaire Best of Show:
   Date Melomel
Bruce Brode's winning mead! (Promash) (MayFaire) (Mead)
 Mayfaire First Runnerup:
   American Strong Ale
Bud Tourville's Second Place beer. (Promash) (Barleywine / Strong Ale) (MayFaire)
 Mayfaire Second Runnerup:
Bud Tourville's Third Place beer. Promash (Bock) (MayFaire)
 Double Down Round 2 (Draft!)April Shop Brew - We decided we like the recipe so much, we had to do it all over again. This time for draft service! (IPA/DIPA)
 Falken MarzenMarch Shop Brew - Our annual Marzen with an eye towards Oktober! (Promash) (Marzen / Oktoberfest)
 Double Down Double IPAA big batch (40+ Gallons) that we brewed for the 2004 AHA Conference in Vegas. Great Hop flavor and bittering (Promash) (IPA/DIPA)
 Falcon's Chili CookoffOur annual chili cookoff was won by Gregg Van Citters. Like many a winning recipe, this recipe has a complex process that leads to a great complex flavor. (Chili)
 Brut du FauconKent and Drew's attempt to clone Deus, a Champagne style beer from Belgium. High class and tasty. (Featured in Zymurgy - May/June 2006) Promash (Belgian Ales)

 Last Post at Ieper: Belgian/English Winter AleWinter shop brew with a cross between an English Old Ale and a Saison. (Promash) (Barleywine / Strong Ale) (Belgian Ales)
 BJ's Brew : Hashiell 10 (Official 30th Anniversary Beer)This is it. Time for our official brew. All 250 Gallons of it! (Promash) (Anniversary Beers) (Trappist Ales)
 Baby HashiellThe starter batch for the 30th Anniversary brew. (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 Old RastyAn Old Rasputin clone Imperial Stout provided by Tom Wolf and Tom Hamilton (Promash) (Imperial Stout)
Oktoberfest Winner: MaibockDrew's Ayinger Maibock Clone (Promash) (Bock) (Oktoberfest)
 Shop Brew - Alt Alts for the masses. (Promash) (Alt)
 30th Anniversary Taste Off - Winner : Hashiell 10MB & Steve Casselman, Jim Moorman and June Jordan's Clone of Rochefort 10. (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 30th Anniversary Taste Off - First Runner-Up: Belgian Strong Golden AleRichard Webster's Entry. (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 30th Anniversary Taste Off - Second Runner-Up: TripelJen & Ken Rhude and Sean Donnelly Entry. (Promash) (Trappist)
 Extract Class Batch - Alaskan Smoked Porter How To Make the Best Extract Beer. (Promash) (Extract) (Porter)
 Anniversary Brew: Barbara's MeadBruce Brode led this brew dedicated to the memory of Barbara Antler. (Promash) (Anniversary Beers) (Mead)
 LACF : Dortmunder/ExportBruce Brode and Brian Vessa's Best of Show Beer for the 2003 LACF (Promash) (Euro Lager) (LACF)
 LACF : Apple/Cranberry Sparkling MelomelMatt Udall's First Runnerup in the 2003 LACF (LACF) (Mead)
 LACF : WeizenbockCarl Townsend's Second Runnerup in the 2003 LACF (Promash) (LACF) (Wheat)
 Anniversary Brew: Doppelbock/EisbockNumber four of the 30th Project. Led by Bruce Brode. (Promash) (Anniversary Beer) (Bock)
 Wheat WineIn our continuing series of "alternative" Barleywines, a wheat based barleywine. (Promash) (Strong Beers) (Alternative Barleywine)
 AHA Award Winner : Matt Mann's BarleywineThis is the recipe that won Matt a Gold Medal with at the AHA Nationals (Barleywine / Strong Ale) (Extract)
 Anniversay Brew : Damn HeavyOur strange little beer boiled for a total of 19 hours. (Promash) (Anniversary Beers) (Scottish)
 2003 Mayfaire Best of Show : SchwarzbierJamil Zainasheff's winning beer. (Euro Lager) (Mayfaire)
 Mayfaire First Runnerup : Bourbon Oak BarleywineBud Tourville's Second Place beer. (Barleywine / Strong Ales) (Mayfaire)
 Mayfaire Second Runnerup : Munich HellesBill Krouss's Third Place beer. (Euro Lager) (Mayfaire)
 CDJK Barrel MildOur first production of beer for the new Falcons Barrel. (Promash) (Mild)
 Stooge WheatApril Shop Brew (HERMS Example) (Wheat)
 Marzen Madness 2003March Shop Brew (Marzen / Oktoberfest)
 Belgian Pale AleFebruary Shop Brew and a good excuse to try Wyeast's new Leuven Pale Ale strain (Promash) (Belgian Ales)
 Canteen ChiliCraig Pincus' Winning Chili Recipe (Chili)
 30th Anniversary - Old SmokeyTom Wolf's Award Winning Barleywine as our second Anniversary project. (Anniversary Beers) (Barleywine / Strong Ales)
 Cullen's Amber Belgian Strong AleJanuary Shop Brew. (Belgian Ales)

Falconsclaws 20024th Annual Try (Samichlaus)
Falcons' Anniversary Adambier:The first in a long line of beers set to be produced for the Falcons 30th Anniversary. (Anniversary Beers) (Strong Beers)
 Saison d'HiverWinter Saison Try 2 (Saison / Biere de Garde)
 Belgie GuinnessForeign-Style Stout. (Stout)
 LACF - Best of Show - Tim Bardet's Scottish ExportThe overall winner of the 2002 Los Angeles County Fair. (Extract) (LACF) (Scottish)
 LACF - Second Runnerup - Tim Bardet's SaisonAnother winner of the 2002 Los Angeles County Fair. (Extract) (LACF) (Saison / Biere de Garde)
 Bastille Day - Rye Barleywine / Rye SaisonA Single Mash; Double Batch of "Wine" to Celebrate French Independence. (Parti-Gyle) (Strong Beers) (Alternative Barleywine)
WeizenbockJamil Zainasheff's Mayfaire Best of Show Winner (Wheat)
 American BockRich Dickson et al's Mayfaire Best of Show Runner Up (Bock)
 Mayfaire Brew - Bluebird BitterKent, Cullen, and Drew brew at Mayfaire. (Bitter)
 H.E.R.M.S. Summer WheatKent Fletcher made a few simple plumbing changes to turn the brew deck into an operational HERMS (Wheat)
 Marzen MadnessMarch Shop Brew - 3rd Year for this Beer! (Marzen/Oktoberfest)
 American Bourbon IPADrew led this brew of his well received Bourbon Barrel IPA (IPA/DIPA)
 Falcon Winning ChiliDan Michael's Award Winning Chili (2 Years Running!) (Chili)
 Scottish Double BatchMark Poliner led this big Scottish brew (Scottish)

 Falconsclaws 20013rd Annual Try (Parti-gyle) (Samichlaus)
 Second DunkelSecond Runnings (Euro Lager) (Parti-gyle)
 Saison d'HiverDrew and Jim inspired by a trip to the Fantome Brewery, we present a Winter Saison Style (It does exist!) Saison / Biere de Garde)
Oktoberfest Brew Session #1CDJK Mild (Mild)
 Oktoberfest Brew Session #2Derek's Food for Tripel (Belgian Ales)
 Oktoberfest Brew Session #3Kevin's Lost Hops Milk Stout (Stout)
 Oktoberfest Brew Session #4Weak Rhude Belgian Single (Belgian Ales)
 Bruce's Traditional MeadBruce Brode's Traditional Mead Recipe (Winner of Mayfaire Mead Category) (Mayfaire) (Mead)
 Tripel TroubleMayfaire 2001 BOS by Mike Riddle (Mayfaire) (Trappist Ales)
 April WheatSummer Honey Wheat Beer (Wheat)
 Marzen Madness 2001Shop Brew #2 for March (Marzen/Oktoberfest)
 Smoked PorterShop Brew #1 lead by Rich Schmittdiel (Porter)
 Imperial CakeweiserThe Imperial Stout produced from Doug's birthday cake. Brewed by MB Raines. (Imperial Stout)
 Hell Imperial PilsnerThe Actual Product of Decoction Session (Strong Lager)
 Heaven Bohemian PilsnerThe Intended Product of Decoction Session (Euro Lager)
 Hippie Old AleFirst runnings of a parti-gyle batch (Barleywine/Strong Ale) (Parti-gyle)
 Fuddy Duddy Mild AleMild Ale made from the second runnings of Hippie Old Ale. (Mild) (Parti-gyle)

 Falconsclaws 2000The Falcon's Samiclaus Clone (Parti-gyle) (Samichlaus)
 Second Bastard Belgian SingleBelgian made from the second runnings of the Falconsclaws. (Belgian Ales) (Parti-gyle)
 Stonehendge Gruit AleJohn D's received all the herbs necessary to make a classic gruit ale. Here's our attempt (Promash) (Spiced Beer)
Historical PorterAn attempt to recreate a classic London Porter from the early 1800's (Promash) (Experimental/Historical)
 Five Malt LagerKevin's Experimental Lager Brew (Promash) (Am. Lager)
 Missed the Boat StoutFor those of us who couldn't make the Catalina Sunfest, a big burly stout (Promash) (Stout)
 Son of AHA Big BrewSince we're busy every Big Brew Day with Temecula, we brewed this the following week (Promash) (Pale Ale)
 Agave MeadTodd Etzel's Best of Show Mayfaire 2000 (Promash) (Mayfaire) (Mead)
 Marzen MadnessShop Brew (Promash) (Marzen/Oktoberfest)
 Old Smokey BarleywineTom Wolf's MCAB II Winner - A "Biggified" version of Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale that's taken on a life of it's on. Fantastic beer when we get Tom to part with some of it. (Promash) (Barleywine/Strong Ale)
 Falcon's 25th Anniversery IPAMB Raine's Winning Recipe brewed at BJ's (Promash) (Anniversary Beers) (IPA/DIPA)
 Courage Imperial StoutTom Wolf's clone of Courage's famous hearty brew. (Promash) (Imperial Stout)

 FalconsclawsThe Falcon's Samiclaus Clone (Parti-gyle) (Samichlaus)
 Second Bastard DunkelweissDunkelweiss made from the second runnings of the Falconsclaws. (Parti-gyle) (Wheat)
 Schutzen Lite Euro LagerThe last Shop Brew wrangled by Doug King and the first shop brew for the webmaster. (Promash) (European Lager)

Recipes by Style (Recipes by Date | Recipe by Category)
Below, you'll find all of our recipes arranged into loose style groups. Below this listing of styles you'll find a few special categories that aren't style arrangements, but logical groups of recipes, like our chili cookoff winners or recipes from competitions, etc.
Shop AltbierOctober 2003
Double Sticke AltbierNovember 2004
Amber Ale
Craig's Boont AmberFebruary 2006
American Lager
Five Malt LagerSeptember 2000
2002 Mayfaire American BockMay 2002
DougweiserAugust 2004
2006 DKM BoS - Dennis King's Mexican LagerJanuary 2006
Burnside's DougweiserFebruary 2007
Barleywine/Strong Ale
Old Smokey Barleywine (MCAB Winner)March 2000
Hippie Old AleJanuary 2001
30th Anniversary - Old SmokeyFebruary 2003
2003 Mayfaire Bourbon BwineMay 2003
AHA Gold Medal Winner : Matt Mann's BarleywineJune 2003
Last Post at IeperDecember 2003
2004 Mayfaire American Strong AleMay 2004
Double Devil WineJuly 2005
Last Post at Ieper #2October 2005
Burnside's Barely WineMarch 2006
Tenacious Strong AleJune 2006
Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine TresJuly 2006
Belgian Ales
Second Bastard Belgian SingleDecember 2000
Oktoberfest Rhude Belgian SingleOctober 2001
Cullen's Belgian AmberJanuary 2003
Belgian Pale AleFebruary 2003
2004 LACF The Duvel in Miss JonesAugust 2004
30th Taste-off Strong GoldenSeptember 2003
Last Post at IeperDecember 2003
Brut du FauconJanuary 2004
2004 Belgian Pale AleAugust 2004
Brut du Faucon NoirApril 2005
Last Post at Ieper #2October 2005
Craig & George's Bobby Belgian GoldNovember 2005
Brut du Beaucoup d'Houblon (aka Brut du Board)September 2006
Mayfaire Brew - Bluebird BitterMay 2002
Full of it Bitter (Fuller's)September 2004
Full of it Best (Fuller's)September 2004
Full of it ESB (Fuller's)September 2004
2006 LACF Extra Strong Ale #3August 2006
2002 Mayfaire American BockMay 2002
30th Ann. Falkenator Doppelbock/EisbockAugust 2003
2003 Oktoberfest Drew's MaibockOctober 2003
2004 Mayfaire DoppelbockMay 2004
2004 Mayfaire EisbockMay 2005
Oktoberfest EisbockOctober 2005
Drogo Doppel MaibockJanuary 2006
DKM First Runnerup: PPB DoppelbockJanuary 2006
Elkwood Brown AleJune 2006
2006 LACF Carl's American Brown AleAugust 2006
Brut / Champagne Beers
Brut du FauconJanuary 2004
Brut du Faucon NoirApril 2005
Brut du Beaucoup d'Houblon (aka Brut du Board)September 2006
European Lagers
Schutzen Lite European LagerMay 1999
Heavenly Bohemian PilsnerFebruary 2002
Second Runnings DunkelDecember 2001
2003 Mayfaire Munich HellesMay 2003
2003 Mayfaire SchwarzbierMay 2003
2003 LACF Dortmunder ExportAugust 2003
30th Ann. Bohemian PilsnerJuly 2004
Bad Tom's Czech PilsnerJune 2005
2007 DKM Longs Peak PilsJanuary 2007
Experimental/Historical Beers
Historical PorterOctober 2000
Haarlem Oat Bock BierSeptember 2005
Gilgamash Sumerian BeerOctober 2005
CD's Imperial Chocolate PorterDecember 2005
Sal's Orange Blossom AleJuly 2006
Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine TresJuly 2006
Sweet Wheat White ChocolateAugust 2006
Blackwine LiteDecember 2006
Extreme Beers
George's FrankenaleOctober 2004
Fruit Beers
Sangreal WheatApril 2006
Imperial Stout
Courage Russian Imperial StoutJanuary 2000
Imperial Cakeweiser StoutMarch 2001
Old RastyNovember 2003
2005 DKM Cocoa Imperial StoutJanuary 2005
2005 Mayfaire Czar Ivan's Imperial StoutMay 2005
Mayfaire Brooklyn Imperial StoutMay 2006
Blackwine LiteDecember 2006
Forever Brewing's Very Big StoutApril 2007
India Pale Ale (IPA) and Double IPA (DIPA)
25th Anniversary IPAFebruary 2000
Bourbon Barrel IPAFebruary 2002
AHA NHC Double Down DIPAFebruary 2004
DIPA Tasteoff Winner - Hop Worship DIPASeptember 2005
Abby's Imperial UK IPAFebruary 2006
Mutant Double Down DIPA (Cask)April 2006
Far West Texas Fest Beer - Cascadia DIPAOctober 2006
Stephen's Tangerine IPAFebruary 2007
Kaufman's Imperial IPAMarch 2007
Hop Me Mr. Wizard Imperial IPAMarch 2007
2000 Marzen MadnessMarch 2000
2001 Marzen MadnessMarch 2001
2002 Marzen MadnessMarch 2002
2004 Marzen MadnessMarch 2004
2000 Mayfaire Agave MeadApril 2000
Bruce Brode's Traditional MelomelMay 2001
2003 LACF Apple MelomelAugust 2003
30th Ann - Barbara's MeadSeptember 2003
2004 Mayfaire Date MelomelMay 2004
Poliner's Orange MelomelDecember 2005
Simple Sage MeadJuly 2006
Fuddy Duddy MildJanuary 2001
CDJK MildOctober 2001
CDJK Barrel MildApril 2003
Diane's Burbank Brown MildFebruary 2007
Pale Ale
Son of AHA Big BrewMay 2000
Pliny the Toddler XPAApril 2005
Matt Mann's XPAApril 2005
Smoked PorterMarch 2001
Extract PorterSeptember 2003
Toasted Oat Smoked Porter BieruMay 2004
G&C's British Brown PorterMay 2005
CD's Imperial Chocolate PorterDecember 2005
Becky's Bootylicious Cinammon PorterMarch 2006
Nouveau Porter (California Black Ale)August 2006
Malibu Brews Vanilla PorterNovember 2006
Bad Tom's Imperial Bourbon Oaked PorterDecember 2006
Black Sea Baltic PorterJanuary 2007
Red Ales
Foggy Bottom Irish Red AleAugust 2005
Imperial August Red AleAugust 2006
Rye Beers
Roggen Ruse RoggenbierOctober 2006
Saison / Biere de Garde (Farmhouse)
Saison d'HiverNovember 2001
Rye SaisonJuly 2002
Saison d'Hiver 2September 2002
2002 LACF SaisonJuly 2002
2004 LACF Biere de Garde / Belgian Pale AleAugust 2004
Aitchson's SPF-8 SaisonJuly 2005
DKM Second Runnerup: Saison PotironJanuary 2006
Falcons' 2006 NoelOctober 2006
Samichlaus Clone (Strong Lager)
1999 FalconsclawsDecember 1999
2000 FalconsclawsDecember 2000
2001 FalconsclawsDecember 2001
2002 FalconsclawsDecember 2002
Scottish DoubleJanuary 2002
2002 LACF Scottish ExportJuly 2002
30th Ann - Damn HeavyJune 2003
Aitchison's Scottish 70April 2006
Kiltwetter Wee HeavyMay 2006
Brouwerij Van Citters Scotch Wee HeavySeptember 2006
Aitchie's HeavySeptember 2006
BJ's Aitchie's HeavyNovember 2006
Sour Beers
2005 Mayfaire Flanders RedMay 2005
Spiced Beers
Stonehenge GruitNovember 2000
2005 DKM What's-in-an-Ale WassailJanuary 2005
Jubilee Holiday AleOctober 2006
Malibu Brews Vanilla PorterNovember 2006
Missed the Boat StoutAugust 2000
Lost the Hops Milk StoutOctober 2001
Belgie GuinessAugust 2002
Chef's Delight StoutJanuary 2005
Mayfaire American StoutMay 2006
LACF - Patrick Rue's Irish Coffee StoutAugust 2006
Strong Beers
Rye BarleywineJuly 2002
30th Anniversary AdambierNovember 2002
WheatwineJuly 2003
Pliny the UnwantedApril 2005
Half Satan PaleJuly 2005
Imperial August Red AleAugust 2006
Strong Lagers
Hell Imperial PilsnerFebruary 2002
30th Anniversary Imperial PilsnerJuly 2004
DougfootAugust 2004
Emperor Norton's Imperial Steam BeerFebruary 2005
Black Sea Baltic PorterJanuary 2007
Trappist Ales
2001 Mayfaire - Tripel TroubleApril 2001
Derek's Food For TripelOctober 2001
30th Taste-off TripelSeptember 2003
30th Taste-off Hashell 10September 2003
Baby HashellNovember 2003
30th Anniversary BJ's Brew Hashell 10December 2003
Wheat Beers
Second Bastard DunkelweissDecember 1999
Honey WheatApril 2001
H.E.R.M.S Summer Honey WheatApril 2002
2002 Mayfaire - WeizenbockMay 2002
2003 LACF - WeizenbockAugust 2003
Elkwood WheatMarch 2005
Veep's HefeweizenJune 2005
Sangreal WheatApril 2006
2006 Mayfaire - Bob Tower's HefeweizenMay 2006
Sweet Wheat White ChocolateAugust 2006
Wit Beer
Artemis Callipygia WitbierJuly 2005
Rue de Aubel WitbierSeptember 2006

Recipes by Special Category (Recipes by Date | Recipes by Style)
While not styles, these are some special categories to view the beers above.
Alternative Barleywine Series (July)
Our tribute to other ways to make a barleywine style beer. All started because we wanted to make a beer to celebrate Bastille Day
Bastille Day RyewineJuly 2002
WheatwineJuly 2003
Imperial PilsnerJuly 2004
Double Devil WineJuly 2005
Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine TresJuly 2006
Anniversary Beers
25th Anniversary
Falcons IPAFebruary 2000
30th Anniversary
AdambierNovember 2002
Old SmokeyFebruary 2003
Damn HeavyJune 2003
Falkenator Doppelbock/EisbockAugust 2003
Barbara's MeadSeptember 2003
Taste-off Winner - Hashell 10September 2003
BJ's Brew Hashell 10December 2003
Imperial PilsnerJuly 2004
AHA Conference Brews
25th Anniversary IPA (AKA the 2001 AHA NHC Beer)February 2000
2000 Mayfaire Agave Mead (AKA the 2001 AHA NHC Mead)April 2000
AHA NHC Double Down DIPAFebruary 2004
Best of Fest Brews
George Mahoney's Foggy Bottom Irish Red AleAugust 2005 (Sunfest)
Craig's EisbockOctober 2005 (Oktoberfest)
Sweet Wheat White ChocolateAugust 2006 (Sunfest)
Chili Cook Off Winning Recipes
Dan Michael's ChiliFebruary 2002
Craig Pincus' Canteen ChiliFebruary 2003
Gregg Van Citters' ChiliFebruary 2004
Nancy Lee's Chili by Di UtechFebruary 2005
Traditional Dry Red Chile Chili by Rich SchmittdielFebruary 2005
Club Meeting Winners
Matt Mann's XPA (Extra Pale Ale)April 2005
Bad Tom's Czech PilsJune 2005
Artemis Callipygia WitbierJuly 2005
Hop Worship DIPASeptember 2005
Poliner Orange MelomelDecember 2005
Bobby Belgian GoldJanuary 2006
Abby's Imperial UK IPAFebruary 2006
Burnside's Barely WineMarch 2006
Aitchison's Scottish 70April 2006
Tenacious Strong AleJune 2006
Sal's Orange Blossom AleJuly 2006
Rue de Aubel WitbierSeptember 2006
Malibu Brews Vanilla PorterNovember 2006
Bad Tom's Imperial Bourbon Oaked PorterDecember 2006
Falcons' 2006 NoelJanuary 2007
Diane's Burbank Brown MildFebruary 2007
Stephen's Tangerine IPAFebruary 2007
Kaufman's Imperial IPAMarch 2007
Forever Brewing's Very Big StoutApril 2007
Doug King Memorial Winners
Best of Show - Cocoa Imperial StoutJanuary 2005
First Runnerup - What's-in-an-Ale WassailJanuary 2005
Best of Show - Dennis King's Mexican LagerJanuary 2006
First Runnerup - PPB DoppelbockJanuary 2005
Second Runnerup - Saison PotironJanuary 2005
Best of Show - Black Sea Baltic PorterJanuary 2007
First Runnerup - Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine TresJuly 2006
Second Runnerup - Longs Peak PilsJanuary 2007
Extract/Mini-Mash Beers
Scottish ExportJuly 2002
SaisonJuly 2002
Matt Mann's BarleywineJune 2003
Alaskan Extract PorterSeptember 2003
The Duvel in Miss JonesAugust 2004
George's FrankenaleOctober 2004
Best of Show - Cocoa Imperial StoutJanuary 2005
Mayfaire Flanders RedMay 2005
Mayfaire EisbockMay 2005
Becky's Bootylicious Cinammon PorterMarch 2006
Festival Brews
Mayfaire Brooklyn Imperial StoutMay 2006
Far West Texas Fest Beer - Cascadia DIPAOctober 2006
Los Angeles County Fair Winners
Best of Show - Scottish ExportJuly 2002
Second Runnerup - SaisonJuly 2002
Best of Show - Dortmunder ExportAugust 2003
First Runnerup - Apple MelomelAugust 2003
Second Runnerup - WeizenbockAugust 2003
Best of Show - Greg Beron's Biere de Garde / Belgian Pale AleAugust 2004
Second Runnerup - The Duvel in Miss JonesAugust 2004
First Runnerup - Carl Townsend's Porter VIIIAugust 2005
Best of Show - Bob Kaisaki's Extra Strong Ale #3August 2006
First Runnerup - Patrick Rue's Irish Coffee StoutAugust 2006
First Runnerup - Carl Townsend's American Brown AleAugust 2006
Mayfaire Winners
Best of Show - Agave MeadApril 2000
Best of Show - Tripel TroubleApril 2002
1st Place Mead - Traditional MelomelMay 2001
Best of Show - WeizenbockMay 2002
First Runnerup - American BockMay 2002
Best of Show - SchwarzbierMay 2003
First Runnerup - Bourbon BarleywineMay 2003
Second Runnerup - Munich HellesMay 2003
Best of Show - Date MelomelMay 2004
First Runnerup - American Strong AleMay 2004
Second Runnerup - DoppelbockMay 2004
Best of Show - EisbockMay 2005
First Runnerup - Flanders RedMay 2005
Second Runnerup - Czar Ivan's Imperial StoutMay 2005
Best of Show - Double IPAMay 2006
First Runnerup - HefeweizenMay 2006
Second Runnerup: Bud Tourville's American StoutMay 2006
Oktoberfest Winners
Best of Show - Drew's MaibockOctober 2003
Craig's EisbockOctober 2005
Jubilee Holiday AleOctober 2006
Partigyle Brews
Taste Off Winners
25th Anniversary IPAFebruary 2000
Taste-off Winner - Hashell 10September 2003
DIPA Tasteoff Winner - Hop Worship DIPASeptember 2005
Aitchie's HeavySeptember 2006

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