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Homebrew and Beer Suppliers
Home Wine, Beer, Cheesemaking Shop - The Falcons' sponsoring shop, run by John Daume.
The Culver City Home Brewing Supply Company - Homebrewing Shop in (surprise) Culver City.
RCB Fermentation Equipment - Supplier of Kegs ($12 - 5 G. Ball) and other cool stuff like display coolers.
Beer Beer and More Beer - Makers of those glorious Brewing Sculptures, those $2K homebrewing machines of infamy.
Steinfillers - Long Beach Supply Shop

Best Beer Bars in Los Angeles
BJs Brewhouse - Our local brewpub with a strong Falcon connection over the years.
Father's Office - Classic Santa Monica bar, reborn as a hip tapas bar with a great beer selection.
Lucky Baldwin's - British Pub with a Belgian Flair in Pasadena. Home to a Belgian Beer Fest, IPA Festival and Barleywine Festival. The Falcons hang out here a lot.
Naja's Place - Owned by homebrewer Jason Rosenfeld, Naja's is home to 77 taps and a ton of bottles, right on the pier in Redondo Beach. Top notch bar that everyone should visit at least once.
Red Lion Tavern - One of LA's oldest places to go grab a beer and one of the best places to grab a German brew and sausage. Make sure to go upstairs to the outdoor beer garden.
The Stuffed Sandwich - Home of Sam "The Beer Nazi" and his lovely partner in crime, Marlene. The ultimate sandwich and beer bar in San Gabriel

Best Beer Stores in Los Angeles (Falcons' Area)
Green Jug - Woodland Hills - Right around the corner from the Shop, the Jug always has a nice selection of beers for our enjoyment.
Red Carpet Wine - Glendale - Close to home for our East Side Falcons, an impressive selection of rarer imports and microbrews, liquor and wine. Home to a wine bar with a Falcon behind the bottles.
Valley Beverage Company - Sherman Oaks - Located in the heart of the Valley on Ventura Blvd, Valley always has a wide selection of West Coast Micros for sale (including a number of Stone and Alesmith special releases)
Vendome Liquors - Toluca Lake - The webmaster's local beer store with an large selection of Belgian and British beers. Perform weekly wine and beer tastings. *Your Membership Card gets you 10% off your beer purchase!* NB - This applies to the Toluca Lake (Riverside Ave) store only!

Web Resources
The American Homebrewing Association - The Homebrewing arm of the AOB.
American Science & Surplus - One of the coolest surplus stores you'll ever see. Good source for cheap glass ware and parts
Artisansrus.com - "Promoting the Ancient Fermentable Arts"
Beer Advocate - US Beer Website. Tons of user reviews and a great big ole forum.
BeerBooks - The Store to find (not) obscure books and posters.
Beer History - Site exploring history of American brewing.
Beer Mapping - Find the breweries and brewpubs of America near you.
Beer Smith - A new brewing software package for Windows users (with a 14 day trial)
BeerTrips.com - A Good looking site for beer travel.
Belgian Beer Escort - Site devoted to Belgian Beers.
BJCP - The home of the Beer Judge Certification Program.
Beer Recipator - Cool online recipe database and calculator
Bottled Water Web - Maintains mineral profiles and other information on bottle waters like Arrowhead
Brew Your Own - Monthly Magazine.
The Brewery - Home of the Cat's Meow and the Grambinus Mug recipe collection.
Brewing Techniques - Now defunct magazine that nevertheless still has great technical articles
California Homebrewers Association - The website of the organization that puts on the SCHBF (aka Temecula) every year
The Celebrator Beer News - Bimonthly Beer Magazine - Great coverage of the West Coast Beer Scene.
Cook's Thesaurus - Sugar - Cook Thesaurus's page on sugar with information on a lot of different basic sugar types.
Ebay - Auction Site Supreme. Here you can find stir plates, glassware, kegs, and tons of beer gadgets.
GotMead.com - All about the Mead.
Homedistiller.org - New Zealand site filled with information on distillation. Remember, it's for information only.
The Homebrew Digest - home to the HBD email digest and other resources
Honeywine.com - Great site dedicated to the art of mead making
HopUnion USA - home of one of the largest suppliers of hops to the homebrewing market (Also home to the very handy hop handbook)
How To Brew - A Comprehensive Guide to Brewing On-line. A Book 6 years in the making by John Palmer (and its free!)
Labx.com - Lab equiptment auction site. Tons of good condition scientific equiptment.
Los Angeles DWP Water Quality - Online copy of the annual DWP water report for Los Angeles County. Important for figuring out what to do to brew that Pilsner.
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage - A Site/List devoted to Historical Brewing and Drinking Practices.
Promash - Home of the best and most up to date brewing software package. (John sells this at the Shop for ~$20)
Pubcrawler - Searchable Database of Brewpubs, Beer Bars, and Microbreweries.
The Real Beer Page - Speaks for itself.
Revista Virtual Mash - An Argentine Virtual Brewing Mag. Think Zymurgy, but with all your brewing needs in Spanish.
The SoCal Beer Guide - Great resource for where to find stuff.
UK Brewing Supplies - A supply store in PA selling reconditioned beer engines and other parts.
White Labs - Makers of the Pitchable Vial of yeast.
Wyeast Laboratories - Makers of Smack Packs and Shampoo Tubes of yeast.
Yakima Chief - Another large hop supplier. Now supplying the Shop with some new hop types.
Zymurgy - The AHA's Bi-Monthly Magazine.

Other Homebrew Clubs
Brew Angels - Stockton, CA
Brewers United for Real Potables (BURP) - Washington DC - Big Old Club in DC. Responsible for a lot of great beer activities in the Captial.
The Cellarmasters - Los Angeles - Ok, so these guys make wine and in a sense are our sister club at the Shop. Don't hold the wine thing against them.
Foam on the Brain - "A drinking club with a social problem" (San Diego)
Green Belt Brewers - A New Homebrewing Club formed up in Sacramento, Solano, Yolo counties.
Long Beach Homebrewers - Long Beach, CA
Malted Barley Appreciation Sociery - Brooklyn, NY (Why do we have it here? Cause I fly to NYC a lot and these guys maintain the best beer pages for the City. Not to mention sheer coolness.)
The Pacific Gravity Homebrewing Club - Our Neighbors in Culver City
QUAFF Homebrewing Club. - Great (and Helpful) Homebrewing Club in the greater San Diego area.
The Santa Barbeerians - The neighbors to the West.
Strand Brewers Club - South Bay - LA

Beer Companies of Interest
Some companies of interest to the Falcons (because of good beer, proximity, and Falcon brewers)
The Great Beer Company - Makers of Hollywood Blonde and Hollywood Red. Home of MB, Dean, and Doug.
Revolutionary Brewing Company - The new home of Falcon Ken Rhude. Coming soon to a bar near you!
AleSmith - British and Belgian style artisan brewery located in San Diego. Brewery's a great funky joint full of converted dairy equiptment. - Earns special honors for not banning the Falcons. :)
Anchor Brewing - The Papa American Microbrewery.
Angel City Brewing - Another Los Angeles Microbrewing Concern
Bayhawk Ales - Orange County Oldest's Microbrewery.
BJ's Brewhouse - Brewpub to the Falcons - Brewers of the Falcons 25th Anniversary IPA - (Located in multiple places, including Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita and Burbank)
Craftsman Brewing - One of LA's few real microbreweries and home to Falcons Mark Jilg and Todd Peterson. Famous for their experimental approach to brewing including the Orange Grove Pale Ale and Tripel White Sage. Support the boys from Pasadena!
Rogue Ales - Home to John Maier - 1988 Homebrewer of the Year and Falcon
Stone Brewing Co. - Great North Diego Brewery. Brewers of Arrogant Bastard (and my fav) Smoked Porter. - Earns special honors for not banning the Falcons. :)
Sierra Nevada - Another brewery inflitrated by Falcons.

Good Falcon Resources to Keep in Mind
Ventura Co. Park Info - Information on Ventura County Parks, for our festivals.

Webmaster's Specials. (AKA Things Drew Likes)
Stout Guy Brewing - Drew's Brewery and Computer Consulting / Vanity Page.
Pale Ale is a Friend of Mine - Steve Casselman's back at the music. Give it a whirl.
Long Trail Brewing Co. - One of the 3 Breweries that got me started one this brewing kick. (Specifically - Long Trail Ale)
Otter Creek Brewing Co. - One of the 3 Breweries that got me started one this brewing kick. (Specifically - Otter Creek Copper)
Harpoon Brewery - One of the 3 Breweries that got me started one this brewing kick. (Specifically - Harpoon IPA)
Farnum Hill Ciders - A New England Cidery that uses real honest cider apples to make outstanding old fashioned ciders.
Drews Brews - The only reason I put this here is I wish I could have this domain :).
Burrito Brothers - Gainesville, FL Burrito Stand. This place has served so many incredible burritos it's not even funny. I lived off these guys for a summer and now they ship via FedEx!
BrewHause - A Rather Cool Unit For Making Your Own Perfume and Vinegars.
Ant Veal's Top UK Pubs - Thanks to Tom Wolf for pointing this one out. A great site reviewing British Pubs.
Useless Information - Critical to understanding what's stuffed in my noggin.
Sausage Mania - One of my new found side hobbies

If you have links that you feel should be here, email the President at ()

Want to make your own beer at home? Get started on the right foot. Check out the Falcon's sponsoring shop, The Home Beer, Wine, Cheesemaking Shop. John Daume, proprietor, has been serving the home brewing and winemaking needs of Angelenos since 1972, over 30 years! (Falcon Members receive a 10% discount on supplies)
Looking for older Falcons' information?, The Westval Maltose Falcons Webpage (Locally cached) (The Original Falcon's Roost, prior to 1999)
Looking for a home wine making club in the Los Angeles area? Check out our sister club, The Cellarmasters, over 30 and still stomping grapes.