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The Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society is a club dedicated to the craft of home brewing and the enjoyment of excellent beer. Founded over 24 years ago, the membership now numbers well over 300 home brewers, with new enthusiasts joining every month. Our club members enjoy the benefits of a very informative monthly publication called "Brews & News", as well as a host of activities dedicated to furthering the knowledge of brewing and beer styles from around the world. These benefits include group brewing on the club system at the The Home Wine, Beer, & Cheesemaking Shop, bi-monthly commercial beer tastings, trips to local breweries and brew-pubs, and presentations on brewing methods and equipment by knowledgable brewers.

Falcons' members range from the interested beer lover to the novice brewer to the brewing professional. The Falcons have produced many top-notch brewers, some who have gone on to be brewmasters at commercial facilities. The club also organizes two regional homebrewing competitions every year, The Mayfaire and The Los Angeles County Fair. There is also a "members only" Oktoberfest competition dedicated to the novice brewer. Participation in the national judging program is encouraged, and Maltose Falcons members are among the most prolific brewers and judges in the country. The spirit of the club is casual and fun -- a collection of diverse people who gather together to share their hobby. There are three fests organized by the club every year, with the Falcons' Brews Band on hand for entertainment. See the Calendar of Club Events for the next club meeting and upcoming events.

In August of 1995, the Maltose Falcons Brewing Society was named in The Celebrator Beer News online web page article: Beer Scene in the San Fernando Valley .

Membership Benefits

The Maltose Falcons Monthly Newsletter - Brews & News
Access to the Club Brewing System for Group or Individual Brewing
Bi-Monthly Commercial Beer Tastings
Trips to Local Breweries and Brew-Pubs
Access to Experienced and Knowledgable Brewers
Freebies - Free Grain for use at Fests, see the Newsletter for details!
Participation in Competitions

How To Join

We welcome new members to all Maltose Falcons events. Membership fees are only $22 for the first year and $18 each year thereafter. Are you interested in becoming a member of the Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society? Fill and print out the Membership Inquiry form and send it along with the appropriate fees to The Home Wine, Beer, & Cheesemaking Shop.

If you have any comments or questions regarding our the Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society or what you would like to see of a national brewing club, please send email to the Board of Directors.