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Food Discussion - Techniques, Beer Pairing, Chili Making and More

    Food, we love it. Not surprisingly, the brewers of the Maltose Falcons are passionate about cooking. After all, brewing is a specialized cross of baking, stewing and preserving with a dash of added science.

    Sit down and let us cook you up a feast!

Appetizers & Side Dishes
Chunky Apple Pecan Dressing for Turkey or Pork by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet This is the dressing I served at the Bobby Flay Shop Brew shoot and it was such a big hit I had to include it here. The main difference between "dressing" and "stuffing" is simple. Dressing is served as a side dish, separate from the bird; stuffing is actually cooked inside the bird, then put on the side. It is my humble opinion that you can never have enough dressing at the Thanksgiving table! (As seen on BBQ with Bobby Flay)

Di's Pickled Figs by Di Merrick These verstaile little jewels take advantage of the wide spread availability of fresh figs here in California. Freshly pickled figs are great sliced over salads, stuffed with cheese or artfully arranged as part of a tasting plate for beer and wine tasting.

Grandma Irene's Corn Souffle by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet A real classic from Grandma Irene, and one of her best "head" recipes, this corn pudding has always pleased the heartiest of appetites. Grandma Irene called them her "head" recipes because she had made the dish so many times they were in her head and she never had to check the recipe for ingredients or quantities! I added the green onions and roasted red peppers. (As seen on BBQ with Bobby Flay)

Stuffed Hop Leaves by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Peter drops a bit of a twist on the classic Greek dish of stuffed grape leaves (dolmas). Use the leftover leaves from your hop vines to make these tasty and healthy snacks.

Wild and Dirty Rice by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet This was a big hit at the party - some people thought it was tabouli - nope, just a combo of wild, texmati white, brown and red rice with an equal amount of brown jasmine rice, for good measure! Add the gizzards, livers and hearts and you've got a real cajun treat!

50-50 Cornbread by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Pete messes with his father's Texas cornbread recipe and makes a solid cornbread for hearty fare.

Apple Crunch Top Muffins by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Pete made these special for Kent - the man who eats no nuts! He wanted an apple nut muffin but without the nuts - Grape Nuts made a natural substitute!

Bavarian Pretzels By Jeff Renner, Ann Arbor Brewers Guild Jeff Renner is arguably one of the best known voices in the homebrewing community. A long time member of the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild. In addition to beer, Jeff knows his bread as he makes his dough as a professional baker. This is his famous traditional pretzel recipe, with a beer addition from Drew and was featured on camera for the Falcons efforts with BBQ with Bobby Flay.

Lambic Bread by Bruce Brode The fine art of making Sourdough bread from scratch. Sourdough goes hand in hand historically with beer making. Here club expert, Bruce Brode walks you through a simple practice for making your own sourdough. (And if you missed his presentation, you missed some tasty handmade bread.)

Pumpkin Stout Bread by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Peter's first festival of 2005 brought this little treat (8 loaves worth!) to the club. Peter bills this as "The Best Pumpkin Stout Bread Recipe On The Planet!"

Martin's Spent Grain Bread Recipe by Martin Carman Martin grabbed some of the spent grains leftover from the Hop Worship Double IPA brewday at BJ's. You don't need to brew a 7 barrel batch to make this bread. This recipe is designed specially for bread machines.

Saint Alfonzo's Buttermilk Pancake Mix by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Put down that Bisquik and grab this versatile and lightly spiced dry pancake mix for your next camping trip (From the 2005 Sunfest - Saint Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

Stacked Huevos Rancheros for a Crowd by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Pete's take on a Mexican classic. This Huevos Rancheros casserole works out as a great lazy brunch (or brew day) meal. With a version for meat lovers and vegetarians.

Chili Cookoff Winner Recipes
Every February the Falcons get together and wage a chili war, our annual chili cookoff. The best chili makers have their secrets and if they win, they receive a year's free membership, free beer and accolades galore. Not all of the recipes involve beer in their making, but they taste great with plenty of beer and homebrew to wash them down.
Cullen's In Praise Of Peppers And Beef Cullen Davis Well, this is what happens when you ask an artist for his award winning recipe for chili. Of course, having watched him assemble his beer recipes, this is really how his process works. Now sit back for a chili in verse.
Mark's Smoking Chili Mark Poliner Mark brought home second place for this complex chili filled with beef, lamb, pork and chorizo.
Drew's Tres Meat Chili Drew Beechum Drew tied for Third place and won the Chef's prize with this combination of lamb, beef and pork with doppelbock and beans.

Nancy Lee's Chili Diana Utech Di's first place entry garnered her a membership and a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot for her troubles
Traditional Red Chile Stew Rich Schmittdiel Rich's traditional fiery red chile chili was good enough to bring him some glory and bring us satisifaction.

Gregg's Devil Chili Gregg Van Citters Complex, deep, rich and fiery with spices made Gregg Van Citters a winner in the 2004 Chili Cookoff. Lots of ingredients and time, but what a dish.

Canteen Chili Craig Pincus A friend of the Chef (Sean Donnelly), Craig Pincus nailed a home run with his first entry into the Chili cookoff. This is the chili to whip up when you need to feed a crew and keep them happy and sated.

Dan Michael's Two Year Sweeper Dan Michael Two years, two wins and a whole raft of free beer for this hot smokey chili with some surprising ingredients.

Barbeerian Barleywine Bon-Bons by Marti and Ernie Gwaltney Santa Barbeerian's Marti and Ernie Gwaltney first dropped these little devil's on the Falcons during our Rincon Brew Crewse. Big chocolately nuggets of beery goodness.

Chocolate Cherry Stout Mousse by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Peter Sheppard, our long term Fermenting Gourmet drops a little bit of science with his Chocolate Cherry Stout Mousse

Peche Granita by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet A light frozen crisp sweet peachy treat using Lindeman's Peche to drive the peach flavors

Dinner Specialities
Apricot Slathered Ham by Peter Sheppard, The New Fermenting Gourmet Pete provides this simple recipe for jazzing up those spiral cut hams you see everywhere these days. Forget the bag of sauce and break out the jam!

Big Pig - Whole Roasted Spit Pig by Burgermeister Sean Donnelly For a big party, you need big food, right? Burgermeister Sean stepped up to the plate with his first pig on a stick. For the 2005 Sunfest, Sean, with a mechanical assist from Kent Fletcher, cooked up a 150 lbs whole pig turned over coals of mesquite charcoal. Take a look at the recipe to see if you dare become a spitmaster.

Cantonese Pork Stirfry with Asparagus, Chinese Broccoli and Bok Choy by Drew Beechum So Drew woke up on a shop brew morning and decided to whip up a quick stir-fry for the shop crew. Normally, a wok is pretty underwhelming to use on a typical Western stove. But many brewers have access to high powered burners (ala turkey fryers) which make wok cooking a dream. Here all the secret lies in the prep work and a quick hand with a spatula.

Cut Up Smoked Turkey by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet You might get some odd looks from the butcher when requesting to have your fresh turkey cut-up, but the final result will be well worth the effort! Imagine, a turkey smoked on the grill in about two hours? (As seen on BBQ with Bobby Flay)

Devilish Chicken Mole by Mick Deering Mick brought this chicken mole to a recent party honoring Doug King. Served with tortillas and rice, this is the best application of chicken and chocolate known to man. Make sure to check out the recipe for the Mole Sauce below.

Jamacian Jerk Chicken with Habanero Mango Sauce by Mark Poliner Go back to the islands with this classic grilled jerk chicken topped with a fiery sweet sauce of habaneros and mangos.

Onion Stout Pork Chops by Drew Beechum A classic and versatile braised dish that yields flavorful and moist pork chops smothered in a rich stout and onion gravy.

Roasted Leg of Lamb in Stout by Mark Poliner Everybody loves lamb, but a lot of folks hate cooking it. Mark Poliner presents his easy way to roast a flavorful leg of lamb. Remember lamb is the tops for celebrating and wowing folks.

Shrimp and Mango Limon - Mexican Stirfry by Drew Beechum Filling in as the emergency, temporary Burgermeister this is one of the dinner dishes that Drew whipped up for the Mayfaire. Since he's always making stir-fries, why not do it with a Mexican twist to fit the theme of the Mayfaire dinner?

Smoked Pork Loin in Belgian Ale by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet You can't go much more right than this! The Belgian Golden Strong Ale makes for a hearty marinade base for a simple set of flavorings. (As seen on BBQ with Bobby Flay)

Barley Mary's by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet It seems that no brewer's morning gathering is complete without a Bloody Mary to take the edge off the sunshine. Peter takes it in a slightly more beer related direction.

Baja Slaw by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Mick Deering gave Peter this title, a kind of So-Cal coleslaw with south-of-the-border ingredients.

Irene's Jello Salad by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Pete revives his grandma's classic Jello Salad. A little return to the 50's if you will.

Orange Glazed Mango & Nectarine Salad by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Even brewers need to eat their fruit. Peter's salad hits the sweet spot and packs the zing of citrus and the sweetness of mangos.

Raspberry Lambic Vinaigrette by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Peter makes this dressing periodically to make a classier dressing for Falcons' meal.

Sauces & Spices
Green Jalapeno Sauce by Bill Slack, Boston Wort Processors Bill Slack, a founder of the Boston Wort Processors and friend of Falcon/Wort Geoff Larsen, drops his recipe for an improved version of Tabasco's Green Jalapeno Sauce.

Mick's Negra Modelo Mole Sauce by Mick Deering If you want to make Mick's Devilish Chicken Mole, you want to make this sauce. Mick provides a simplified form and a more complex form for those with a six pack of Negra Modelo.

Pete's American BBQ Spice Blend by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Peter's a big fan of making quick spice blends that can greatly enhance the flavor of your food quickly.

Pete's Moroccan Spice Blend by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet The backbone of
Whole Grain Red Chile Sauce for Chili by Peter Sheppard, New Fermenting Gourmet Anybody can crack open a jar of chili powder! In this recipe whole chilies and spices are used in a sauce that is added to the skillet along with the fried meat.

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