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2006 Doug King Memorial Lager and Specialty Beer Competition
(AHA and BJCP Sanctioned)
Sponsored by The Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society

   Third year running this competition and we're continuing to grow the competition. This year, we had 41 entries and it was the first year we had keg entries. Entries ranged from your standard American pilsner to saisons made with pumpkins and stouts with cherries and rum.

Thanks to everyone involved in the competition. These beers reached out and captured the spirit of inventive brewing that powered Doug.

Also, I'd like to point out that it's spooky that Doug's competition was won on his birthday with a beer brewed by another "King".
-- Drew
Best of Show
Dennis King - Pale American Lager
Best of Show - 1st Runner Up
Virg Redman - PPB Doppelbock - Doppelbock
Best of Show - 2nd Runner Up
Drew Beechum - Saison Potiron - Saison with Pumpkin

Class 1 American Pale and Dark Lager  
1st - Dennis King 1.1 American Pale Lager
2nd - Greg Peterson 1.2 American Pre-Prohibition Lager
3rd - Tyler King 1.1 American Pale Lager

Class 2 European Pale Lager  
1st - James Hibling Strand Brewers 2.1 Munich Helles
2nd - Claudius Budde, Xoxhitl & Martha Budde 2.1 Munich Helles
3rd - Ray Astamendi QUAFF 2.1 Munich Helles

Class 9 Amber and Dark Lager  
1st - Virg Redman 9.4 Munich Dunkel
2nd - Ray Astamendi QUAFF 9.2 Marzen/Oktoberfest
3rd - Ray Astamendi QUAFF 9.5 Schwarzbier

Class 15 Bock  
1st - Virg Redman 15.4 Doppelbock
2nd - Not Awarded
3rd - Jeremy and Steven Raub Maltose Falcons 15.1 Traditional Bock

Class 24 Specialty - Vegetable/Fruit/Herb/Spice  
1st - Drew Beechum Maltose Falcons 24.1 Specialty - Fruit/Vegetable - Saison with Pumpkin
2nd - Gregg Van Citters Maltose Falcons 24.2 Herb/Spice - Porter with Cacao Nibs and Vanilla
3rd - Craig Wickham Maltose Falcons 24.2 Herb/Spice - American Wheat with Dutch Caraway

Class 25 Specialty Historical/Experimental  
1st - Virg Redman 25.2 - Speciality, Other - Sweet Stout with Bing Cherries and Rum
2nd - Gregg Van Citters Maltose Falcons 25.1 Historical Beer - Haarlam Double Oat Bier (50% Malted Oats)
3rd - Jonny Lieberman, Brian Burks Maltose Falcons 25.2 Specialty, Other - American Barleywine with East Australian Port

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