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Home » Compete » Older Competitions » 2003 Mayfaire

2003 Mayfaire Regional Homebrew Competition
(AHA and BJCP Sanctioned)
Sponsored by The Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society

Thanks to everyone who joined us in making this year's competition one our smoothest yet. We had over 266 entries and to those who placed, congratulations. We hope to see everyone next year for the 2004 Mayfaire!
-- Drew Beechum, Competition Organizer
-- Steve Cook, Judging Director
-- John and Pam Aitchison, Chief Stewards
Sponsored by:  
Best of Show
(Winner of the Hashiell Dammet Bird)
Jamil Zainasheff - Schwarzbier
Best of Show - 1st Runner Up
Winner of a new 8 Gallon Pot courtesy of the Home Beer Wine Cheesmaking Shop .
Bud Tourville - Bourbon Oak Barleywine
Best of Show - 2nd Runner Up
Bill Krouss - Munich Helles

Class 1 American Pale and Dark Lager  
1st - Rick Burnside 1.1 American Pale Lager
2nd - Bruce Brode, Les Jones 1.1 American Pale Lager
3rd - Jay Ankeney 1.4 American Dark Lager

Class 2 European Pale Lager  
1st - Bill Krouss 2.1 Munich Helles
2nd - Carl Townsend 2.4 Dortmunder/Export
3rd - Steve Hinkle 2.4 Dortmunder/Export

Class 3 American Wheat Ale and American Cream Ale  
1st - Bud Tourville 3.3 American Cream Ale
2nd - James Brownlow 3.1 Amercian Wheat Ale
3rd - Kent Fletcher 3.1 Amercian Wheat Ale

Class 4 English Bitter Ale and Pale Ale  
1st - Gregg Van Citters 4.3 Strong Bitter and ESB
2nd - Mike Riddle 4.4 English Pale Ale
3rd - Richard Schmittdiel 4.3 Strong Bitter and ESB

Class 5 American Pale Ale and California Common Beer  
1st - Carl Townsend 5.1 American-Style Pale Ale
2nd - Bob Kaisaki 5.2 California Common Beer
3rd - Jamil Zainasheff 5.2 California Common Beer

Class 6 Scottish Ales  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 6.2 Heavy
2nd - Gregg Van Citters 6.4 Wee Heavy
3rd - Jamil Zainasheff 6.1 Scottish Light

Class 7 India Pale Ale  
1st - Matthew Udall 7.2 American-Style India Pale Ale
2nd - Bob Kaisaki 7.2 American-Style India Pale Ale
3rd - George Mahoney 7.2 American-Style India Pale Ale

Class 8 European Ale  
1st - Richard Simmons 8.3 Biere de Garde (French Country Ale)
2nd - Kevin Koenig 8.2 Altbier
3rd - Mike Riddle 8.1 Kolsch-Style Ale

Class 9 Amber and Dark Lager  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 9.5 Schwarzbier
2nd - Jamil Zainasheff 9.2 Marzen/Oktoberfest
3rd - Jamil Zainasheff 9.1 Vienna Lager

Class 10 American Red and Amber Ale  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 10.1 Amercian Red/Amber Ale
2nd - Brian Vessa, Bruce Brode 10.1 Amercian Red/Amber Ale
3rd - Steve Cook 10.1 Amercian Red/Amber Ale

Class 11 Brown Ale  
1st - Mike Riddle, Paul Keefer 11.2 Southern English Brown Ale
2nd - Jamil Zainasheff 11.4 American Brown Ale
3rd - Kevin Koenig 11.3 Northern English Brown Ale

Class 12 Strong Ale, Barleywine, and Imperial Stout  
1st - Brian Vessa, Bruce Brode 12.1 Strong Ale
2nd - Mike Riddle 12.6 Imperial Stout
3rd - Bud Tourville 12.5 American Style Barleywine

Class 13 Bock  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 13.2 Traditional Bock
2nd - Richard Schmittdiel 13.4 Doppelbock
3rd - Brian Vessa, Bruce Brode 13.3 American-Style Bock Beer

Class 14 Porter  
1st - Robert Garton 14.2 American-Style Porter
2nd - Mike Riddle 14.2 American-Style Porter
3rd - Richard Schmittdiel 14.2 American-Style Porter

Class 15 Irish Draught Stout and English Cream/Milk Stout  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 15.1 Irish (Dry) Draught Stout
2nd - Craig Shapland 15.1 Irish (Dry) Draught Stout
3rd - Michael Steinberg 15.1 Irish (Dry) Draught Stout

Class 16 Extra, Export, Foreign-Style, and American Stout  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 16.3 Foreign-Style Stout
2nd - Jamil Zainasheff 16.1 Extra (Dry Irish) Stout
3rd - George Mahoney 16.3 Foreign-Style Stout

Class 17 German Wheat Beer  
1st - John Aitchison 17.4 Berliner Weisse
2nd - Richard Simmons 17.5 Weizenbock
3rd - Jamil Zainasheff 17.3 Bavarian Dunkelweizen

Class 18 Belgian-Style Strong Ale  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 18.1 Strong Golden Ale
2nd - Derek Stepanski 18.3 Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
3rd - Jamil Zainasheff 18.5 Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale

Class 19 Belgian-Style Specialty Ale  
1st - Bud Tourville 19.1 Witbier
2nd - Bill Krouss 19.3 Saison (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)
3rd - Richard Pedersen 19.6 Fruit-Flavored Lambic-Style Ale and Faro

Class 20 Specialty Beer - Fruit/Vegetabe and Herb/Spiced  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 20.1 Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
2nd - Sal Sciortino 20.1 Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer
3rd - John Aitchison 20.1 Fruit- and/or Vegetable-Flavored Beer

Class 21 Specialty Beer - Smoked, Experimental, Historical, and Other  
1st - Bud Tourville 21.2 Specialy Beer, Other
2nd - Jamil Zainasheff 21.3 Rauch (smoke-flavored)
3rd - Steve Cook 21.2 Specialy Beer, Other
3rd - Greg Beron 21.2 Specialy Beer, Other

Class 22 Mead  
1st - Bud Tourville 22.4 Braggot or Bracket
2nd - Matthew Udall 22.2 Melomel
3rd - Steve Hinkle 22.1 Traditional Mead
3rd - Bruce Brode 22.4 Braggot or Bracket

Class 23 Cider  
1st - Jamil Zainasheff 23.3 Specialty Cider and Perry
2nd - Cullen Davis 23.1 Standard Cider and Perry
3rd - Bud Tourville 23.1 Standard Cider and Perry

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