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Club Gear - The Toys of the Maltose Falcons
As you can imagine, with over 200 members, we have lots of time to play with and make cool brew toys. Below are just some of the things the Falcons have in our arsenal of brew gadgets. Unless marked otherwise, these are all club assets paid for and built for the club.

Club House
The Maltose Falcons Clubhouse

Built behind John Daume's Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop is one of the greatest assets the Falcons have : Our own Private Clubhouse. For many clubs finding a regular location to meet is a challenge: folks don't want to volunteer their homes; new/potential members don't feel comfortable going to stranger's homes; brewpubs and bars get tired of hosting club's bringing their own beers and taking valuable space.

Check out the space we share with the Cellarmasters of Los Angeles

Club Breweries
Falcons' Pilot Brewery Mk. I (1991-2005)
Built in 1991, this brewery served as the home to many club project brews and our monthly shop lessons in all grain brewing until March of 2005. Over the course of it's nearly 14 years of service we brewed a documented 44.5 barrels of beer. Many records have been lost however and it's likely that number is actually more than 60. Take a look around this older, simpler system and take a look at the recipe archive for many of the more recent projects we brewed on it.

Falcons' Pilot Brewery Mk. II (2005-)
Built new by the might hands of the Brewgyver, Kent Fletcher, the new Falcons Brewery made it's debut in March, 2005 brewing a batch of Kent's "Elkwood Wheat". This brew deck is heavily automated with automatic igniters for the HLT, a HERMS coil in the HLT for ramping mash temperatures, a tipping mashtun for cleanup, a Therminator chiller and capacity for brewing a barrel of beer. As time passes, Kent continues to tinker producing new handy gadgets for the brewery.

Member's Systems
Never one's to be outdone, many Falcons members have tweaked, tinkered and cobbled together systems that they use to worship the brew gods. Come take a look at things that run the gambit from simple to the ridiculous. (I mean, really, who ever heard of using a cosmetic's kettle for brewing!)

Bars and Dispensing Mechanisms
Falcons' Back Bar
Our oldest dispensing rig, built and maintained by Kevin Baranowski. This rig has followed the club around to our festivals and Temecula to provide us with many hours of classy beer service from it's 13 taps.

Falcons' Front Bar
Inspired by the acquistion of two brass draft towers, Kent Fletcher built a mobile rig to be used as our new front bar. Debuted at the 2003 Southern California Homebrewer's Festival, this rig expanded our service capacity to 21 beers (including two on protected beer engines)

The Hash Back (aka the "Moorminator")
Just to add even more hops to our beers, the Falcons built this small version of Dogfish Head's "Randall the Enamel Animal". Often seen on service with our hoppiest, strongest beers on the bar.

Fletch's Slots o' Hops
No trip to Vegas would be complete without a little bit of gambling. Why not take a chance and gamble on which beer you get?

R2-B2 Moorminator Randall Bar
Taking the madness a little bit further, Fletch took his mobile "Bus Bar" of Ventura Brew Cruise fame and modified it to be our first dual Moorminator (or Randall, if you please) bar. Check out the hoppy goodness.

Want to make your own beer at home? Get started on the right foot. Check out the Falcon's sponsoring shop, The Home Beer, Wine, Cheesemaking Shop. John Daume, proprietor, has been serving the home brewing and winemaking needs of Angelenos since 1972, over 30 years! (Falcon Members receive a 10% discount on supplies)
Looking for older Falcons' information?, The Westval Maltose Falcons Webpage (Locally cached) (The Original Falcon's Roost, prior to 1999)
Looking for a home wine making club in the Los Angeles area? Check out our sister club, The Cellarmasters, over 30 and still stomping grapes.