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Table of Contents
President : November at Last
BJCP Exam Held in November
This Month in Brews & News
Minutes of Recent Meetings
Shop Brew - October Review and November Preview.
Other Information
Competition Calendar

November 2000, Vol. XXV, Num. 11
Don T. Knott, Editor
Kevin Baranowski, John Aitchison, Brewhoser, Tom Wolf et al.
Contents Copyright 2000 The Maltose Falcons

November at Last
by Kevin Baranowski
    Ah finally, November at last, and that means cooler weather. A time to brew. It's that time again to spend a Saturday or Sunday in the garage, kitchen, or patio, making a batch of terrific homebrew. Maybe getting together with friends and brewing up copius amounts to get you through the California winter.Those that don't have the luxury of extra refrigerators in the garage, look forward to fall and the falling temps. Ale season is just beginning, and it's time to dig out all the brewing equipment that's been collecting dust over the hot summer. Time to get into the HomeBeer Wine and Cheese making Shop, and see John about the next beer you want to create. Time to start putting together your Christmas list of brewing equipment or upgrades. What a better way to get more free brewing stuff, than handing a wish list to your wife, husband,soulmate, family member, and saying "Go See John".

     If you haven't brewed for a long time, maybe now is a good time to jump back in.The Maltose Falcons are involved in next years American Homebrewers Association Conference here in Los Angeles scheduled for June. Eight months from now we'll gather with Homebrewers from all over the US. No doubt we'll drink a lot of homebrew. I hope to see some of the newer brewers get involved, so start thinking now about brewing for this event. Remember eight months is not a lot of time in the life of some beer styles. Since Ale season is here, now might be a good time to brew: Barleywines, Belgian Strong Ales, American Pales, India Pale Ales, Old Ales, Strong Scotch Ales, Imperial Stouts,Weizenbocks. Why not start off this Ale season with a beer that you've never done before? Look for recipes in books, at the Shop, on the Web, or from other Falcons. Drew Beechum and I have pledged to keep the Shop Brews happening once a month with at least 5 gallons to be held for club events and the conference. We would like to see some long time Falcons step up and lead a brew from time to time. There will be other events such as Mayfaire, So. Cal Homebrew Fest, and Sunfest to keep in mind also. The club will also sponsor a grain buy again, probably in February maybe sooner. Members can use 2 row malt for a beer that in turn, will be brought to an event.So with all that said, right now really is, A Time To Brew.

    Just a quick update, Oktoberfest was a great success again this year. We had at least 66+ people at White Rock Lake Campground on the 21st. Big thanks to all that made it out, and to Jolene & Sean for the Oktoberfest meal, Jim Moorman for selling tickets and providing raffle items, the Maltose Falcons Brews Band for the evening entertainment, cleanup help from Tom Hamilton, and especially, setup teardown sell tickets help from Drew Beechum.I just want to recognize those that won our Oktoberfest games: Sean Donnelly Pretzel Eating Contest Jeff Zaniser Mens Mug Holding Contest Georgeanne Eilers Ladies Mug Holding Contest Matt Mitchell Keg Toss Contest The winner of the Maltose Falcons Club only Oktoberfest Competition for 2000, was Dennis Donahue, for a American Brown Ale. We had 25 kegs of homebrew, most of which was consumed. A great time was had by all, and the park owner STILL likes us!

    Speaking of good times, don't forget the next club meeting is Sunday Dec3, at the Shop. See you there!

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BJCP Exam Held in November
By John Aitchison
    The BJCP exam was offered at the Home Wine and Beer Shop on Saturday November 18 and 10:00. Even if you haven't taken a BJCP class, you can take the Beer Judge Certification Program Exam. If you are already a BJCP judge and you want to improve your score so you can advance in the program, this would be a good opportunity. If you are interested in taking the exam, please let me know as soon as possible. We have a large BJCP class, and we are taking the graduates from Pacific Gravity's BJCP class also. Give email me at john.aitchison@homebeer.com.

    Judging at the Pacific Brewer's Cup

    For you judges who missed judging at this year's Pacific Brewer's Cup, you missed a great experience. The Strand Brewer's ran this year's cup and the contest was first class. First, the event was held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel near LAX. Host Phil Baxter was a fantastic host. We judged in a ballroom, with linen on the tables, glass water glasses, and waiters walking around serving you bread. I judged Bitters, and we chose our winners with real glass glasses.

    The Strand Brewers came up with a lot of extras also. Nice T-Shirts that showed their sponsors. Lots of supplies, style guidelines, and stewards everywhere. I was most impressed with the scoresheets. Everyone had pre-printed scoresheets with your name, BJCP level, bottle number, and style already on the form. All you had to do was judge.

    After the contest we got had a sandwich buffet with unlimited supplies, and beers like Old Rasputin and Alesmith Pale Ale? (I can't remember, I had the Rasputin. The Sheraton Four Points has a beer tasting (I think its the third Wednesday of the month). You get lots of good beers and often get the meet the brewers.

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This Month in Brews & News
by Don T. Knott
    This is the second issue fo the Brews & News that I have had to produce under battlefield conditions. If some articles seem untimely or oddly placed it is due to the fortunes of war.
    How 'bout them Florida elections. Is this any way to run a railroad?
    Just exactly how thick is a ballot card any way.
    Oh well might as well just Relax and have a Homebrew.

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Minutes of Recent Meetings
by Rich Schmittdiel, Secretary
Maltose Falcons Board Meeting, 11/2/2000
    The November board meeting was held at Kevin's house on the evening of November 2. The meeting got underway about 7:00 pm. Attending were Kevin Baranowski, John Aitchison, Jim Moorman, Don Knott, Cullen Davis, Georgeanne Eilers, Rich Schmittdiel, Tom Wolf, and Sean Donnelly.

    The board position of Publicity Director remains unfilled; volunteers would be gladly accepted.

    Jim Moorman presented the club balance sheet. The Octoberfest party was profitable for the club and we remain quite solvent.

    Drew Beechum was "volunteered" to lead a lunchtime demo at the upcoming club meeting on use of caustic cleaners to clean counter-flow wort chillers. [WebEd Note - Yeah, volunteered and informed of said state approximately 20 minutes before the demonstration!]

    John Aitchison spoke about a proposal from Diana Utech for a new production run of club nametags. After some discussion among board members, it was agreed to bring the idea up at the next club meeting to see if sufficient interest exists among the members to justify the set up costs.

    Kevin stressed the need for lots of club members to enter as many home brew contests as possible during the upcoming calendar year, to improve our club chances of winning another Anchor home brew club of the year award.

    After some discussion, the date of December 16 was chosen for the annual Stuffed Sandwich visit. Kevin will contact Sam to confirm availability for that date and to firm up cost. Details to be announced at the upcoming club meeting.

    Discussion continued on a possible club bus trip to the San Diego area sometime in February. We also discussed possible locations for an off-site meeting in January. Locations mentioned were the Anacapa Brewery in Ventura, the Sheraton Four Points, and Wolf Creek.

    The meeting adjourned about 9:15 P.M.

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Maltose Falcons Club Meeting, 11/5/2000
    The November meeting was held at the shop in Woodland Hills. As Kevin called the meeting to order, there were about 25 Falcons and soon-to-be Falcons in attendance. Some 10 or so members showed up later.

    Kevin called the meeting to order and we got down to the serious business of tasting the homebrews that had been brought for that purpose.

    We tasted 10 fine homebrews this month:
    (1) A Cream Ale brewed by Bruce Wenzel was well received.
    (2) American Wheat Ale II produced on the shop system by Drew, Cullen, and Jim was also well received.
    (3) Spiced Belgian ale by Frank Antonowitz showed up again. This must be a magical, bottomless keg, as it has been showing up at club events for a couple of years now.
    (4) A spiced ale brought by Derek Stepanski.
    (5) A John & John version of "Falcons 25" IPA was quite drinkable.
    (6) Jim Moorman bought his own version of "Falcons 25" too.
    (7) A good Oatmeal Stout brewed by Drew Beechum on July 4.
    (8) Foreign export style stout brewed by Cullen and Drew.
    (9) MB brought a nice "quasi spiced ale", a coriander blonde as she described it.
    (10) Finally, a "mystery" xmas beer. This was a 6-8 year old (!) beer found in Jerry Macala's garage and delivered by MB.

    Drew gave a fine lunchtime demonstration of the use of caustic cleaners on wort chillers. This provoked good, serious discussion among attendees.

    New Burgermeister, Sean Donnelly, provided lunch. We dined well on beef burgundy, butter noodles, and parsley carrots. Dessert was a peach/apple cobbler.

    Kevin announced that the annual Christmas beer tasting at the Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel should take place on Saturday, December 16. Anticipated fee is to be $15 to $18. (If you've never been to one, these are great fun, as Sam pours out some very fine beers to taste.)

    The February meeting will feature the annual chili cook-off.

    Following lunch, the business portion of the meeting centered on whether the club should contract to produce another run of nametags for members. Following a show of hands, the board will pursue this and seek vendors and obtain cost estimates. Also discussed were potential locations for an off-site meeting for January. Don Knott spoke and requested members to submit articles and pictures for the newsletter.

    Tom Wolf poured out examples of Beer Style of the Month: spiced beers. We sampled BJ's pumpkin ale, currently on tap in Woodland Hills. Buffalo Bill's pumpkin ale, (this received a resounding zero Falcons rating among tasters). Next up was Froach heather ale, which members thought had too much diacytl taste. Better received was a nice scotch ale from Traquir House. Finally we tried Victory Brewing Company's Golden Monkey Tripel ale.

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Shop Brew - October Review and November Preview.
by Drew Beechum
    Well we're in the full swing of the fall brewing season and we're at the start of the brewing season for the triangle of Mayfaire, Temecula, and the AHA Conference. These three events are within a 2 month span. So with a goal at making sure that the Falcons have the best and most interesting beers both October and November I thought it'd be fun to do some odd beers.

    October 29th was our turn to attempt to reconstruct an London Porter from the 1800s. Primary source material was the excellent Terry Foster "Porter" style book. After some indecision and additional research we decided on the following recipe.

    Historical Porter #1 Yield 13 Gallons @ 1.063 - IBU's 51.3

    10.50 lbs Marris Otter Pale Malt
    10.50 lbs Amber Malt
    10.50 lbs Brown Malt
    1.00 lbs Bamberg Rauch Malt
    0.50 lbs Black Patent (Only in the sparge)

    4.0 oz East Kent Goldings (6.5%) 60 mins
    2.0 oz East Kent Goldings (6.5%) 25 mins
    Yeast - Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale

    Water - Carbonate Treatment

    Notes - The plan is to take a gallon of the brew and spike it with a dose of a British stout Brett. (Culture courtesy of MB.) This gallon will be blended back into a 4 gallon portion and kegged by me. The other portion of porter will be fermented and finished normally and bottled by Cullen Davis.

    So after a fairly standard start to the brew day (including some early cleaning thanks to several forgetting to set their clocks) we ran into issues with the mash. All the more experienced brewers know what happened. Unfortunately the Marris Otter doesn't have enough enzyme kick to convert the rest of the malt. Doh! So we extended the mash and threw in the trusty amyalze powder to finish the job. (Be interesting to see the effect of that stuff on the beer). The rest of the brew went fairly normally and the beer is now happily fermenting. Look for the results coming soon to an AHA conference near you!

    November 19th Shop Brew.

    The day after the BJCP exam we have another oddball brew planned, "Stonehendge Gruit Ale." Quickly, gruit is a mixture of plants and herbs that was used in brewing for bittering before hops became universal. Incidentally, hops were actually banned from parts of the brewing world to insure continued Church and Royal monopolies on gruit production and sale.

    Currently the plan is to make a malty Scottish style ale that we bitter using a gruit instead of the usual hops. John Daume will be providing us with the unusual herbs necessary for the gruit. John also sells "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers", which takes about gruit and various herbs and their properties in conjunction with fermentation.

    For more information, contact me at Drew.Beechum@disney.com. We'll be starting at 9:30 am on Sunday the 19th.

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Events Calendar Check the big events section
    Sundays, Keg Night at Lucky Baldwins 17 South Raymond Ave. Pasadena. First pint is $4.50, keep the glass, refills are $2.50 until the keg runs dry, for more information call (626) 795-0652.

    First Tuesday, BJ's Beer Appreciation, Brea Every month. From 7:30-9:30 PM. $10, includes 10-11 tasters. Call (714) 990-2095 for reservations and directions.

    First Saturday, BJ's Brewery Tour, Brea Every month. Includes tasters, pizza, and souvenir glass for $14. Call (714) 990-2095 for reservations and directions.

    First Wednesday, BJ's Beer Appreciation, Woodland Hills Hosted by Alex Puchner and David Mathis, time 7:30-9:00 PM. Admission: $14 per person includes all beer samples, handouts and a raffle ticket. The schedule for the next few months is as follows : 11/3 Local Microbrewers Night, 12/1 Domestic Winter Warmers.

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