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Table of Contents
President : In The Hot California Sun
AHA Club Only Competition
Maltose Falcons BJCP Class
This Month in Brews & News
May Shop Brew - American Pale Ale
Reservations for SunFest
Minutes of Recent Meetings
Other Information
Competition Calendar

June 2000, Vol. XXV, Num. 6
Don T. Knott, Editor
Kevin Baranowski, Tom Wolf, Brian Vessa,
Rich Schmittdiel, et al.
Contents Copyright 2000 The Maltose Falcons

In The Hot California Sun
by President Kevin Baranowski
    It's official, summer is here. Like you couldn't tell by the temperature during the last meeting, (106 in Woodland Hills that day). It's just about time to think about brewing those lagers. Of course not everyone has refrigeration space, so what to do? The experienced Falcons in the club probably have a garage full of refrigerators with temperature controllers hooked up. Other Falcon members choose to still brew ales this time of year and ferment in water baths. If you brew and your like me, your summertime brewing surely slows down. It's tough to stand out in my hot garage for 5 or 6 hours, creating a lager to be drunk three months later. Likely some of that same beer, probably 5 gallons, will be consumed by thirsty Falcons who will enjoy it and not give a thought about how hot it was the day it was made. So why do we do it? Planning Ahead. Those of us that supply our club with beer at meetings and club events know the importance of planning ahead. When I started out in homebrewing I didn't give much thought to the concept of planning ahead. I would brew a batch, share it, drink it, and when it was gone. do another. Now where would the Macro's & Micro's be if they stopped brewing in the summertime? Behind in production and sales! I hope the summers heat doesn't put any of you behind in production. Maybe now is a good time to look through the Recycler for a used refrigerator, and go see John at the shop about a temperature controller.

    Usually our summer meeting attendance is lower. Vacation plans take precedence over club meetings in the heat. That doesn't mean you should forget about the Falcons though. If anyone gets out to visit any breweries or brewpubs while on vacation, I encourage you to write an article and send it to Don to be published in our newsletter. Better yet, take pictures, slides, or video and do a presentation at a future meeting. Maltose Falcons members really like to learn about new places to go to. If you travel, bring back a few bottles of beer unique to the area.

    The July meeting date as voted by the members in attendance at the May meeting will be July 9th at the shop. Just a reminder that July is election time for the Falcons Board. The nomination sheets are posted on the wall in the clubhouse. As mentioned last month, some current board members are planning to run again and some are not. Just because some are re-running doesn't mean that you can't run against them. This is a democracy after all! We need dedicated members, who want to get involved in club business. Being on the board has its perks, (info gets to you first). We've had a lot of fun at board meetings. Nominate someone you think will do a good job, or have someone nominate you. I won't be at the July meeting because of vacation plans, but VP John Aitchison will handle the meeting and elections.

    Speaking of summertime fun, Sunfest is August 11-13 at Two Harbors on Catalina Island. We really want to have a nice turnout. It sounds like the last time the club was there, it was a blast! In last months Brews & News there was a form and some info about the costs. Photo copy it, (hopefully it's in this months too ), and get it to the shop with a check. Remember that you must arrange transportation for yourself. We are working on getting a private boat to run the equipment over and back. The camping/dinner/ice/co2 costs are $40.00 per person, and children are $25. 00 ea. Please try to have your minds made up, and checks in by the July meeting. We haven't done this for awhile now, so don't miss out. Every time the Falcons get together and campout, it's such a great time. The band will play, there's swimming, snorkeling, bicycling, hiking, and drinking. A little something for everyone. If you're newer to the club, make this your first Sunfest. Think about brewing now to have a keg to bring with you, and talk amongst the members that have gone before, to hear stories about the past trips. It might be a good idea to group together, ride share to the cruise line, and travel over and back as a group. You may be able to save additional fees that way.

    I hope you can make it to our next meeting on the 11th at the shop. The style of the month is Lambic It won't be long before we're Out There Havin' Fun.

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AHA Club Only Competition
By John Aitchison
    The AHA Club Only Competition style for August is American Pale Ale. Pale Ale was the style for the Big Brew held in May, but you really could brew the beer any time for the competition. It still isn't too late, the entry window is from July 17 through July 31. Pales mature fairly quickly, you still have time to brew and ferment one.

    The club pays all entry fees and does the shipping. If you'd like to enter, bring three bottles to the club meeting in July or drop them off at the Draft Beer Store by July 17. For those who want to have their beers represent the club in future competitions, the style for October is Marzen or Oktoberfest and December is Historical Beers.

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Maltose Falcons BJCP Class
By John Aitchison
    This October and November the club will be offering a BJCP class for prospective judges. The classes will be held on five consecutive Tuesday nights starting on October 10. We will be skipping Halloween so the last class will be on November 14 and the BJCP exam will be held on Saturday November 18.

    All classes will be held at the Home Wine and Beer shop starting at 7 PM. I've taken the class the last two times it was offered and learned an incredible amount about our favorite beverage from Bruce Brode and Brian Vessa. This class will be a little different, I'll be leading it; but there will be guest speakers (including Bruce and Brian) and the students will be expected to become "experts" on a beer style and talk about it.

    Yes, you do drink a lot of beer at the classes and you do have fun. You also learn a lot about beer and brewing. There is some studying necessary, the BJCP exam requires you to know about styles and really know your beer. We really do want you to take the exam; the class is much more than a beer appreciation class.

    I'll go into more detail on the class and what it means to be a beer judge in future articles of the newsletter. Keep those Tuesday's open in Fall and let me know if you are interested in the class and the exam.

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This Month in Brews & News
by Don T. Knott
    Congratulations to V. P. John Aitchison. His European Pale Lager took 1st Place in the Southwest Region First Round Judging for the AHA National Homebrew Competition.

    John was the only Falcon to score. The Soutwest Region competition was dominated Q.U.A.F.F. of San Diego.

    Falcons, if we want our club to be recognized as the best and not just the oldest we have to enter more beers in more comp etitions. John and Tom and a few others can't carry the club alone. Let's get busy.

    In the absence of anything further to say your editor is going to yield this space to the Shop Brew Report.

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May Shop Brew - American Pale Ale
    Brew Crew - Drew Beechum, Cullen Davis, Jim Kopitzke

    May 6th was the day for the yearly AHA Big Brew Day. This year's recipe was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone. Since the Big Brew conflicted with the Southern California Homebrewers Festival the brew day was moved to the next week.

    After a short breakfast of fresh organic Gouda and bread, we modified the AHA's standard recipe to reflect our preferences.

    While running the session, many good beers (including a quart of Hair of the Dog Fred) were sampled. As usual, John's customers stopped and inquired about our activities and we answered as many questions as possible.

    We pitched a fresh 2/3 gallon Wyeast 1056 ultra thick slurry given to us by David and Davo over at BJ's. All three carboys had explosive fermentations within two hours of pitching. (As a side note the fellows at BJ's were quite helpful when asked for yeast and gave generously to the brew.)

    Lastly, I think this might be one of the last shop brews before the dog days of summer make it impractical to use the system, so it might be a good time to do some cleanup, repair and modification work on the system. Of particular note are the hoses for the system and the now destroyed Plexi window between the system and John's lab.

    Modified AHA Pale Ale Recipe for 16.5 Gallons


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Reservation form for SunFest at Two Harbors, Catalina Island - August 11, 12, 13 - 2000
    Reservation Form Here     Includes two nights camping, transportation of gear from boat to the campground, dinner Saturday night, ice & co2 for the beer, the band and much fun! The boat transportation is not included call one of the boat companies to reserve your crossing as soon as you have committed to the trip.

    Call early to reserve your boat trip boats leave from San Pedro, Long Beach & Dana Point. There are two boat companies
        Catalina Express: 310-519-1212 (more expensive, more strict luggage rules, more daily crossings, faster) They probably will not allow beer kegs.
        Catalina Cruises: 800-228-2546 or online sales www.telesails.com (cheaper, not as comfortable, liberal luggage rules, slower.) They allow two wheel hand carts.

    Make sure you go to Two Harbors not Avalon!

    Bring your beer (but do not bring co2!), camping gear, food, money , sunscreen etc, Two Harbors is a small village with a general store, and a snack bar & restaurant. There are a lot of activities around Two Harbors.... Swimming, kayaking, diving and snorkeling, a glass bottom boat, bicycling, hiking etc. You can rent most gear there. This will be a very cool weekend for the whole family, bring other beer lovers and friends. We have the potential for 74 campers.

    Think ahead..........brew some good summer beers for this event!!

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Minutes of Recent Meetings
by Drew Beechum, Temp. Secretary
Maltose Falcons Board Meeting, 5/21/2000
    Attendance : 18 members at meeting open

    13 Beers for tasting (a whopping 0.72 beer to people ratio)

    Don Knott - Cask Conditioned Red Ale
    Dave - Modfied Raucous Red
    John A - John R. - Best Bitter
    Mark - Heather Ale
    Kevin B. - WIT
    Dennis - Dunkel weisen (w/ Belgian yeast)
    Bruce W.- Weizenbock
    John A - John R. - Munich Dunkel
    Cullen D. - Porter
    Bill H., John R., John A. - Dopplebock
    Mark - Lemonade
    Jim M. - Club IPA
    Mike W. - Stuft Pizza IPA

    July Meeting will be held on 7/9/2000. Elections will be presided over by V.P. John Aitchison

    Details of Sunfest 2000 :

    August 11-13 at Two Harbors, Catalina

    Cost is $40 for Adults and $20 for Children.

    Transport is NOT covered. These companies are available :

    Catalina Express, Catalina Cruises.

    Payment due by the July meeting. Reserve with Kevin B. any beer you'll be bringing (you are bringing beer aren't you?)

    See the website, newsletter, and Craig Wickham for further details

    Lunch was served - burgers, chicken, and Chocolate Stout cake in celebration of John A. birthday.

    Lunchtime entertainment was provided in the form of the educational film "Animal House"

    Style of the Month : Marzen/Octoberfest/Bock was covered by Kevin B.

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Events Calendar Check the big events section
    Sundays, Keg Night at Lucky Baldwins 17 South Raymond Ave. Pasadena. First pint is $4.50, keep the glass, refills are $2.50 until the keg runs dry, for more information call (626) 795-0652.

    First Tuesday, BJ's Beer Appreciation, Brea Every month. From 7:30-9:30 PM. $10, includes 10-11 tasters. Call (714) 990-2095 for reservations and directions.

    First Saturday, BJ's Brewery Tour, Brea Every month. Includes tasters, pizza, and souvenir glass for $14. Call (714) 990-2095 for reservations and directions.

    First Wednesday, BJ's Beer Appreciation, Woodland Hills Hosted by Alex Puchner and David Mathis, time 7:30-9:00 PM. Admission: $14 per person includes all beer samples, handouts and a raffle ticket. The schedule for the next few months is as follows : 11/3 Local Microbrewers Night, 12/1 Domestic Winter Warmers.

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