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Table of Contents
AHA National Competition
This Month in Brews & News
Mayfaire Directions
Brewpub Equiptment for Sale
Minutes of Recent Meetings
Beer Style of the Month : American Light Lager
Other Information
Competition Calendar

April 2000, Vol. XXV, Num. 4
Don T. Knott, Editor
Kevin Baranowski, Tom Wolf, Brian Vessa,
Rich Schmittdiel, et al.
Contents Copyright 2000 The Maltose Falcons

by President Kevin Baranowski
    Because of a problem with the Gun Club, the location of the Mayfaire Party has been moved to White Rock Lake Campground. This is the same place that we had last years Sunfest at. Those of you that were there will remember that White Rock is a shady area snuggled in Soledad canyon. The camping is primitive, so bring a tent, trailer, or RV. There are restrooms, and something that resembles showers. The driving times are just about the same as the Gun Club.
    The costs are:
    $12.00 per person, which includes 1 night camping, Sat. dinner, & lots of Beer
    $15.00 per person which includes 2 nights camping, Sat. dinner, & lots of Beer
    $10.00 per person which includes DAY USE, Sat. dinner, & lots of beer
    Everyone will receive a wristband designating Day Use or Camper, when you arrive. You can pay for this and get your raffle tickets at the same time! There will be a board member collecting money at the raffle table, so take care of that when you get there. We will also be happy to accept any donations for the raffle, for example bottled beers, beer memorabilia, shirts, glassware, or just whatever you have to donate.
    The agenda for the party looks like this:
    Everyone can arrive as early as they like (earlybirds get to find the better campsites). Remember to drop off your kegs at the Maltose Falcons Bar on your way in.
    2:00 PM the Band will play their first set.
    4:00 PM VP John Aitchison will present the Mayfaire ribbons and Best of Show Bird
    5:00 PM The Burgermistresses will serve a tasty Mexican food meal
    6:00 PM the Raffle
    8:00-10:00 PM the Band will play their second set
    11:00 PM Cap off the evening with a Dead Palates Society
    Mayfaire also marks that time of the year when the nominations for the next Board come out. Some of the current Board members are planning to run again, and others are ending their tenure. There will be nomination sheets at the party, feel free to seriously nominate a paid club member. Elections will be held at the July meeting.
    Tickets for the Southern California Homebrewers' Fest in Temecula will be for sale ($30.00), at Mayfaire. The date is Saturday May 6th at Lake Skinner. There is still camping space to share with those that got sites. See or call MB Casselman for info on camping. For those that are planning to go, I would like to see if we can get everyone to wear, if you bought one, the latest 1999 Homebrew Club of the Year t-shirts. The tie-dye, blue "T", or the white tank top. Let's show our spirit & show off a little!
    The dates for the next couple of general meetings at the Shop have been changed. Because of Mothers Day & the SCHF, the May meeting date will be Sunday the 21st. Then to space the meetings out, the June meeting will be Sunday June the 11th. And finally, the Falcons will soon be losing another dedicated brewer and member. Our current Activities Director Leo Barendse is moving to San Diego next month. Leo has been on the Board now for 2 1/2 years and has helped our club out in many capacities. I would like to wish Leo and his family good luck and express my thanks for the work he has done on the Board and at judging events. Keep working on those Wits Leo. Hope to see everyone come out and have a good time at the Mayfaire Party. We encourage everyone to campout or bring a designated driver if you must drive home..

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AHA National COmpetition
By John Aitchison
    If you have a good beer and want to see how it fares against the rest of the country, now is the time to enter the American Homebrewers Association national homebrewing contest. The window of entering closes on Friday the 14th of April so we still have time. The only Falcon to have won this national contest is John Maier with a barleywine. (Steve Casselman still talks about it). The information for entering might be in this newsletter, but you can find it for sure on the AHA website.
    Even if you don't enter; they need judges. Last year Bruce Brode, Pam Aitchison, and I judged at the regionals in Victorville. They were so short of judges we had to sample 40 or so beers. This year promises to be much better. Quaff in San Diego is running the show, but they still need judges. I didn't notice any other Falcons at the Americas Finest City contest, so we may owe them one. If you are interested in judging, the contest will be held on April 28 and 29. Their judging coordinator is Harold Gulbransen at hgulbran@aol.com. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.
    Weiss is nice club only competition
    The AHA's club only competition for May is for German Wheat Beers. I understand why we didn't enter any lambics in the March contest; but I know there are some good Hefeweizens, Dunkleweizens, Crystal Weizens, and Berliner Weisses out there. Even if you don't have one yet, you still have time to brew it and enter in this contest. The club pays all the entry fees and does all the work sending the beers to the right location. All you have to do is get the beers to me. Bring them to Mayfaire, or call me at work or at home. We haven't won one of these since Tom Wolf won with his Saison three years ago.
    I volunteered the Maltose Falcons to host the club only competition in October 2001. I don't even know what the style will be; but you know the beers will be good. Each club is only allowed to enter one beer. I'll be asking for volunteer judges when the time gets closer.

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This Month in Brews & News
by Don T. Knott
    Another year has gone by and its Mayfaire time again. Why do we call it Mayfaire if it's always in April? Don't get me wrong, April 15th is as good a day to celebrate as any other, maybe better. By April 15th we have either spent our tax refunds or filed for our extensions. By April 15 the grass is green the weather is warm and we are all filled with the promise of a new spring.
    Our sudden change of location notwithstanding this year's Mayfaire should be as enjoyable as any in the past. There will be good friends, good food and lots of good beer Lots of beer. One of the reasons we have our biggest fest of the year in a campground is so that no one needs to drive home after having sampled too many fine beers. Now, not everyone enjoys roughing it, some have a higher need for creature comforts than others. This does not exempt anyone from the need to behave responsibly. Enjoy the party, enjoy the beer but if you can't stay the night please arrange for a designated driver to get you home safe and sound for the next one.
    Falcons are always willing to help other Falcons. All you need to do is ask.

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    Directions to White Rock Lake Campground
    Come north through the San Fernando Valley on the 405 or 5 freeway until they join together in Sylmar. Go east on the 14 freeway through Santa Clarita and get off at either Soledad Canyon rd and head east or get off at Agua Dulce Canyon Rd, head south (right turn off the freeway ),to Soledad Cyn rd and turn left. The campground is on the left side a few miles up. It's easy to find, watch for the signs. The Party area is near the entrance. Camping is a left turn in the park, follow the road around to the back side of the lake. Day use parking is a right turn in the park, follow the road around until it ends. Ride share, campout, don't drink and drive!

    White Rock Lake
    10645 Soledad Canyon Rd
    Saugus Calif.
    805 268-1011

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Brewpub Equiptment for Sale
by Tom Costa
    If you have any friends you know that are looking to open a small brew pub, I'm unloading my custom built vats (see attached pics). This is a great opportunity. A 4 barrel unfinished system, never been used, and can be easily convertible to 6 barrels. It is a three piece set; Brew Kettle w/hood, hops opening, steam pipe opening: Mash Tun/Lauter Tun w/ clamshell opening and grain shoot opening, and Uni-Fermenter/Server w/ large manway, plus two unperforated False Bottoms. All Stainless Steel, located in Vermont (buyer pick up or buyer pays shipping). I am selling it for $30,000 or best offer. A new 7 barrel system off the market goes for $150,000 on the low side. All this system needs to be operational are the appropriate fittings, valves, heating element, plumbing, etc. which can be done for an additional 5-10K or less. So you can customize the plumbing as you want it! This is a really good opportunity!
    Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested.
    Tom Costa

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Minutes of Recent Meetings
by Rich Schmittdiel, Secretary
Maltose Falcons Board Meeting, 4/4/2000
    The April board meeting was held at Kevin's the evening of April 4. The meeting got underway somewhere around 7:15 PM. Attending were Kevin Baranowski, John Aitchison, Steve Keppler, Jim Moorman, Heather Houck, Jolene Berganio, Rich Schmittdiel, John Rassmussen, and Drew Beechum.
    Jim Moorman presented an updated financial statement. We're still quite solvent. A motion was passed to contribute $100 to St. Luke's Church, in appreciation for letting us hold the Mayfaire judging there again.
    THE MAYFAIRE IS TO HAVE A LAST MINUTE CHANGE OF LOCATION! Due to unforeseen difficulties, the Gun Club is a last minute scratch. Instead we shall be partying on April 15 at the White Rocks Campground. The address is 10645 Soledad Canyon Rd. in Saugus. Drew will have a map and directions on our web page for those who have access to the Internet.
    Much of this meeting was taken up in debate over what to charge for Mayfaire. We finally agreed to charge $10 per person for day use and $12 per person for overnight camping. (It will only cost you $2 more to camp overnight and not both the day use plus the camping fee.) Either way, your fee will include luncheon and all the beer you care to drink, plus use fees for the park. Jolene and Heather have a great meal planned.
    Your secretary has never visited White Rocks, but other board members say it is quite nice and a great place to camp. The band will be there and will play two sets. There will be a Dead Palate's Society meeting following the band's last set.
    Additional discussion resolved when to hold the May meeting: it will be on Sunday, May 21, and the June meeting will be on Sunday, June 11.
    The meeting broke sometime after 9:30, long before the cooler of beers had been emptied, but late enough for those of us who have to get up in the dark.

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Beer Style of the Month :April :
American Light Lager
by Don Knott
    (Tom Wolf is traveling in a distant land so your humble editor is attempting to fill his very knowledgeable shoes)
    American Light Lager is probably the most misunderstood and under-appreciated style in the world of beer.
    At its best it is crisp, dry, refreshing, and a perfect compliment to the kind of festive fare cooked out of doors in back yards and picnic grounds during the summer. At its worst it is insipid, fizzy, yellow swill guzzled from cans by couch potatoes.
    Purists often disdain it for the inclusion of adjuncts, usually rice or maize. Homebrewers eschew it due to the perceived difficulty of controlling temperature not only throughout fermentation but also during the lagering period.
    Original gravities may be as low as 1.024 or as high as 1.040 with a final gravities between 1.002-1.008. This yields an alcohol by Volume of 3.6%-4.5%. High attenuation and an absence of unfermentable solids produce a light bodied mouthfeel. Hops bitterness is low, ranging from 5-15 IBU's. Color is described as "pale straw," ranging from 2-4 (SRM)
    Here is a recipe for "American Lager" formulated by one Greg Owen of Waterford CA and printed in Homebrew Favorites (Storey Publications 1994)
    For 5 gallon
    4 lbs. 6 row malt
    2 lbs. light dry American Malt
    2 lbs. brown rice
    1/4 lb. flaked wheat
    1/2 lb. corn sugar
    1/4 oz Chinook hops, boil 60 minutes
    1/3 oz Perle hops, boil 30 minutes
    1/2 oz Hallertauer hops, steep
    1/2 Tettnanger hops, steep
    1 oz Irish moss
    1 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. ascorbic acid
    1/2 tsp. calcium carbonate
    Wyeast #2007 Pilsner Yeast
    Boil rice and add to mash. Mash water treated with 1 tsp. each of salt and ascorbic acid and 1/2 tsp. calcium carbonate. Mash-in 2 gal of 110-115 water and let rest for 20 minutes. Raise temperature to 130F-133F and hold for 30 minutes. raise temperature to 148F and hold for 45 minutes. Mash-out at 168F for 5 minutes. Sparge with 5 gal of 170F water. Bring wort to boil and boil for 10 minutes. Add 1/4 oz Chinook hops and boil for 30 minutes. Add 1/4 oz. Chinook hops and boil for 30 minutes. Add 1/3 oz. Perle hops and boil for 15 minutes. Add Irish moss and boil for a final 15 minutes, and turn off heat. Add 1/2 oz each of Hallertauer and Tettnanger hops and let steep. Cool, transfer to a primary fermenter and pitch yeast. Ferment for 17 days at 46F-48F. Rack to secondary and ferment for anther 20 days at 48F-50F. Rack again and lager for 30 days at 32F. Prime with 1 cup corn sugar and bottle. O.G. 1.047, Final Gravity 1.011
    Personally, the addition of one full cup of corn sugar seems to be courting over carbonation. I'd like to compare this recipe to some of the variations of "Dougweiser" to see how they stack up.
    Presumably Tom will be back at his post next month to tell us all about Octoberfest, Marzen and Bock styles.
A Year of Beer. (A complete list of Styles for the year)
by Tom Wolf
February Barley Wine : (Bring your strong beers)
March India Pale Ale (Bring your big hoppy beers)
April American Lagers (Lawnmower beer month)
May Octoberfest/Marzen/Bock (Bring any type of German Lager)
June Lambic (Bring any fruit, specialty, or soured beer)
July American Wheat / Cream Ale (Bring your heat beers or light ales)
August Belgian Abbey Ales (Dubel and Strong Dark Ales) (Bring any big dark ale)
September Scottish and Irish Ales (Bring Bitters and Pale Ales)
October Wheat, Witbier / German Wheat : (Bring some German wheat beers)

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Events Calendar Check the big events section
    Sundays, Keg Night at Lucky Baldwins 17 South Raymond Ave. Pasadena. First pint is $4.50, keep the glass, refills are $2.50 until the keg runs dry, for more information call (626) 795-0652.

    First Tuesday, BJ's Beer Appreciation, Brea Every month. From 7:30-9:30 PM. $10, includes 10-11 tasters. Call (714) 990-2095 for reservations and directions.

    First Saturday, BJ's Brewery Tour, Brea Every month. Includes tasters, pizza, and souvenir glass for $14. Call (714) 990-2095 for reservations and directions.

    First Wednesday, BJ's Beer Appreciation, Woodland Hills Hosted by Alex Puchner and David Mathis, time 7:30-9:00 PM. Admission: $14 per person includes all beer samples, handouts and a raffle ticket. The schedule for the next few months is as follows : 11/3 Local Microbrewers Night, 12/1 Domestic Winter Warmers.

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